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Current batters and their historical positions going into 2018

Posted by mikelink45 , 17 February 2018 · 1,561 views

Current batters and their historical positions going into 2018 Since baseball is such a numbers sport I am always curious where our current players are on the list and what might happen during this next season that we can anticipate and root for. When it comes to all time batting averages I once anticipated that Joe Mauer would get onto the big list, but in the top 50 we have Carew at 30 and Kirby Puckett (318) tied for 48 with two others. No Mauer, he has dropped out of the top 100. I know it’s the concussion, but that is still too bad. Miguel Cabrera is t 317 after a disastrous year, can he come back? Altuve at 316 has only had 6 years so too early to anticipate while Joey Votto has 10 years now and is tied with Larry Walker (313) at number 66.

In the counting stats there are some fun things to watch. Adrian Beltre is our only 3000 hit player right now but Pujols is only 32 hits away so he should join the list this year. Last year he had 143 hits so if he keeps that pace – May/June will have him in the club. Adrian is at 3048 between Lou Brock and Rod Carew. Last year he had just 106 hits and 2018 depends upon his health. If he only matches last year he will zip past Carew, Henderson, Biggio, Suzuki, Winfield, Rodriquez, and Gwynn and move just ahead of Robin Yount. Nice list. If Pujols just matches last year he will end up between Winfield and Rodriquez.

In that very important category – Runs – where Rickey Henderson, Cobb, and Bonds lead the field there is only one players in the top 50 – Pujols who sits right behind Honus Wagner. Last year he only had 53 runs and if he does the same this year he will go from number 23 to number 21 right behind Paul Molitor. Beltre is in the next 50 but even if he were to get 100 he would still not catch George Brett who is number 50 and last year he scored only 47.

We do not list doubles leaders in most publications – why not? Pujols is #12 all time (619) and Beltre is #13 (613). Both are just behind Hank Aaron - #11. Last year Beltre had 22 and Pujols had 17 which means Beltre could pass both Pujols and Aaron and move past David Ortiz into number 10 on the list. Cabrera is number 32 with 545. Robinson Cano is the only active player in the next 50 and should move into the top 50 this year. He only needs ten to do so.

Jose Reyes is in the top 100 in triples and Curtis Granderson is number 198. This is a shame because I think triples are the most exciting hit in the game of baseball. We have two potentially great triples hitters in Rosario and Buxton, I hope they will go for it!

If Pujols matches his 23 home runs from last year he will have 637 which will get him past Griffey and into 6th place. Beltre and Cabrera are tied with 462 and are in 35th with Adam Dunn and Jose Canseco. If Beltre hits 17 like last year he will move past Willie Stargell and Stan Musial for number 30. If Cabrera matches last year he will be in 31st place past those same to all time greats.

Pujols is in eighth place in RBIS – 1918 and if he matches last years 101, which he should on his improved team, he would move to 3rd place behind Aaron and Rodriguez and past Bonds. Beltre at 28 would move past Frank Thomas for #21 if he matches last year and Cabrera at #32 could move to #26 by matching last years 60 and he would be between Sheffield and Sosa. Robinson Cano at 143 and Adrian Gonzales at 149 are the only other active players in the top 150.

In walks Pujols at 53 and Cabrera at 94 are the only active players in the top 100 while Curtis Granderson (that all time great – just kidding) is 31 and Beltre 38, Cabrera 39 are in the top 40 in Ks. Justin Upton, Chris Davis and Matt Kemp join them in the top 100. What does that say about this generation of hitters?
Jose Reyes at 34 is the only active player (barely) in the top 100 in Stolen Bases. Like the triples, I loved the stolen base – that really put excitement in the game and Henderson, Brock, Maury Wills were just a few of the great baserunners I got to see. Bring it back!

In career WAR – Pujols is right behind Joe Morgan who is number 20 with 99.4 – Morgan has 100.3, Beltre is tied with Cap Anson (the worst person to ever play) in 27th with 93.9 and has Roberto Clemente just ahead of him. Cabrera is 73 and tied with Tony Gwynn at 68.8 WAR. Just ahead of him is Tim Raines. Robinson Cano is at 92 and right behind Buddy Bell and Goose Goslin (only great Senator) and the last current player in the top 100 surprised me – Chase Utley at 94 right behind Willie Randolph.

No Twins, but plenty for the baseball fan to pay attention to in addition to the current team. Next time I will look at pitchers.

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"Cap Anson (the worst person to ever play)"


Really, worse than Julio Machado?