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Welcome to the Hall Jack - to ESPN, get over it!

Posted by mikelink45 , 12 January 2018 · 698 views

Welcome to the Hall Jack - to ESPN, get over it! It’s the Hall of Fame selection, not the president of the United States that is being chosen. Its time for all the sabrematricians and the modern sports writers to get off their rocking horses and forget the angst. Jack Morris is in the Hall of Fame. He almost made it in the regular selection process and should have if I chose, but there was no hesitation on the veteran committee. He is in because he was a big game pitcher. He was the head of the rotation, he played for good teams and made good teams into winners. Stuff the ERA and other statistical nonsense. He was a winner and I like winners. I like the horse – the man who is willing to take the ball and give you as many innings as you need.

How Jack Morris Complicates Future Hall of Fame Selections is an essay on ESPN http://www.espn.com/...cher-selections

The fact is, I consider it nonsense. Do we really elect by comparison? The man who shines in any decade or period of baseball history does so because he meets the demands of his own time. I know that NY is mad because Jack is in and Mussina is not. But do you realize that the narrative was never the same. They did not talk about Mussina like they did Morris. They did not rely on Mussina like that did Morris. Nice pitcher Mussina, but I never thought of you as HOF.

Morris does not present any problems, the limit on how many can be voted on never created any problems. The problem for the voters is that they have to really think about who they are voting for. If there were so many great HOF candidates they could have put in 5 – 7 a year, but they did not. Because someone wants Bonds and someone else does not matters little in the long run. Shoeless Joe, Pete Rose, Clemens and Bonds are getting more press for not getting in than they would have if they had slid in and we had moved on.
Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa are not in because their resumes are weak. They had chemical induced homeruns, but nothing else. Move on. Frankie Frisch manipulated the committee to put in a number of questionable players – that’s done. We have no vote them out. They set low bars. So what. Move on.
When I think HOF I think of players that had great careers, but also players who stepped up in big moments, players who shifted our perspective. I am not looking to compare HOF players, I simply want the best of our generation in with the best of previous generations. I want Jack, I do not want Mussina. I want Thome, not Vlad, I want good stories and if some that I disagree with make it in, so what. I am fine with that. The HOF is about stories and the election process is a story in and of itself.

To those who obsess over Jack Morris – Buster Olney – I say give over it. Make your vote and move on. To Jack, I can only say I am delighted that you made it and proud to have you in the hall.

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Jan 13 2018 05:53 AM
Amen. Jack Morris deserves the Hall of Fame induction. There are no qualifiers or disclaimers - Jack was one of the best of his time and came through when the spotlight was brightest.
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I pay very little attention to ESPN anymore, all they seem to care about is politics and the NBA.  

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Dave The Dastardly
Jan 13 2018 10:19 AM


Amen. Jack Morris deserves the Hall of Fame induction. There are no qualifiers or disclaimers - Jack was one of the best of his time and came through when the spotlight was brightest.

Well said.

From the ESPN article you reference:



Anyway, the 300-win standard is finally starting to go away with the recent elections of Pedro Martinez (219 wins) and John Smoltz (213), and now Morris. ...At the minimum, Morris’ election should at least force the next Modern Era Committee to consider pitchers who had shorter careers but much higher peak performances than Morris.


That seems like nonsense to me. If anything, it's the committee deciding that in the era of 5-man rotations, 250 is the new 300. Jack Morris was a marginal candidate, but he's in. I would much rather see Johan and Tony O in. 

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Disagree but I also think Bert being in is a travesty. Small hall!


Disagree but I also think Bert being in is a travesty. Small hall!

I like a small hall, but we passed that mark a long time ago. Scheurholz and Selig are two of my recent objections.Let management have their own space - no one has any real ability to judge their impact and Selig impacts the game in many ways.


Elections like 2013 that put in an umpire that no one had seen, someone who is only known by some stories is the type of election that drives me crazy.What was the criteria.Managers, umpires, coaches, GMs, Owners (especially owners) and commissioners have no real measure of greatness. 

Jan 18 2018 09:16 AM

Since we're reviving the small hall - big hall debate, I'll repeat my wish that we eventually have both.

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