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Hopefully Simmons "issues" are not like Romero...

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Cord cutters dilema 2021

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Standing Pat

Posted by mikelink45 , 19 January 2021 · 796 views

kiriloff lewis arraez twin rookies minnesota twin signings
Standing Pat I have been reading so many lists - the best for the Twins, oh wait, they signed elsewhere. Here are two pitchers who cannot stay healthy, which should we sign? Don't worry they can still get someone. There is still value at the bottom of the list. It is a weekly, if not daily, ritual. But what if they don't sign anyone and look inward?

Let me speculate from I love the young guys to a lineup without a trade or a signing:

Arraez - 2B
Lewis - SS
Polanco - U
Blankenhorn or Gordon - U
Donaldson 3B
Sano - 1B
Rooker - DH
Kiriloff LF
Buxton - CF
Kepler - RF
Cave - 4th OF
Larnach - 5th OF/1B/DH
Jeffers/Garver - C


Thorpe or a couple of our signings - none of which I know about

Overall not bad (I think).

Hopefully Twins are aspiring to more than just not bad.

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