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Eddie or Miguel or Byron or Max? You choose

Posted by mikelink45 , 11 November 2020 · 2,715 views

miguel sano byron buxton max kepler eddie rosario minnesota twins
Eddie or Miguel or Byron or Max?  You choose
  • Kepler sliding
  • Miguel Sano
  • Max Kepler
  • Sano
  • Eddie Rosario
  • eddie rosario twins
  • buxton
  • Byron

Since the main TD articles keep talking about Eddie Rosario being traded, cut, cursed or whatever you want to call it I thought it might be instructive to do a comparison of all the six year players on the roster. In a move that we all thought would make the future of the Twins we had Eddie, Byron, Miguel, and Max arrive the same year and it did not take long before they were part of a home run hitting behemoth and twice got to the playoffs where they, like their predecessors failed. (I chose not to include pitchers since there is no way to have equivalent values between pitchers and position players.) Now all the discussions are about Eddie being too expensive and not needed. Why?

Over the same six years here is there worth in Baseball Reference WAR -
  • Max Kepler 12..3
  • Byron Buxton 11.7
  • Eddie Rosario 11.6
  • Miguel Sano 7.6
That makes the case for Eddie a little stronger as his WAR is not far off the top two and Miguel is the bottom (he was -0.2 this year).

How about OBP?
  • Sano 332
  • Kepler 319
  • Eddie 310
  • Buxton 289
OBP seems to consistently be the knock on Eddie, but in comparison he is not looking as bad as all the articles seem to hint.

Okay let's try OPS and spruce up the data:
  • Sano 829
  • Eddie 788
  • Kepler 763
  • Buxton 719
Sano blows them all away, but look who is second!

Home Runs?
  • Sano 131
  • Eddie 119
  • Max 101
  • Byron 51
Eddie looks pretty good here too.

So being a traditionalist - what about RBIs? I know some of you do not believe in them, but what do you do when no one brings in the baserunners? I know - lose the playoffs.
  • Eddie 388
  • Miguel 344
  • Max 303
  • Buxton 172
Like I have commented elsewhere, Eddie has a knack for bringing in runners and in this lineup, who doesn't have an opportunity?

Another old tradition is BA - so let's check it out.
  • Rosario 277
  • Sano 241
  • Buxton 238
  • Kepler 237
What about scoring runs? Yes runs win games.
  • Rosario 400
  • Max 324
  • Sano 317
  • Buxton 204
So who stays on the field? Games played
  • Rosario 697
  • Max 601
  • Miguel 539
  • Buxton 432
I know - you can say just think of the stats that the others would have if they played the same number of games - the trouble is they didn't. Max missed more than the number of games in last years short season - actually he missed the equivalent of 1 1/2 of last years games. Miquel is 158 games short - close to a full season and Buxton is 265 games shore - one full season plus 100 more! Can we say that Eddie is dependable?

Someone will say, ya, but he can't field. I do not like a lot of fielding metrics but for the sake of this essay here is 2020 Fangraphs fielding for the four players
  • Buxton 2.5
  • Rosario 1.2
  • Kepler -0.7
  • Sano -2.2
Everyone told me that Kepler was such a valuable fielder and Rosario was terrible.

So baserunning - yep Rosario is a loose cannon here - I cannot justify his 2020 ranking
  • Kepler 2.3
  • Sano 2.3
  • Buxton 0.4
  • Eddie -2
So there are all the various listings that seem to be part of the discussions. That is 10 statistical comparisons - if I treat them all as equal - I leave it to you to argue - then the one with the least points (if someone finished 1st in all they would have 10 points) should rate highest. Here are the point totals
  • Rosario 20
  • Sano 23
  • Kepler 24
  • Buxton 29
At this point in their careers I would say Rosario was the most valuable of the four, but beyond statistics that is also my bias. Prove me wrong or agree with me, but don't just say I think!

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We are looking for a shoehorn. Cruz, Sano, Rosario, Buxton, Kepler, Rooker, Kirilloff, and Larnach. Cave is a viable OF too. The Twins have five positions to allocate, a budget to consider, and two players too many. The idea of stashing Rooker, Kirilloff, and Larnach in the minor leagues no longer seems like a structurally sound plan. While only the Twins internal talent evaluations count, we have seen both Rooker and Kirilloff swing a bat already and Larnach is not a secret. Eddie Rosario has been a clear contributor for the Twins and I have not seen any dramatic changes to his talent. A three year offer to Eddie is a path forward for the Twins, as is a consideration of using him more often as a DH. This will be a tough winter for Falvine as they work through all of the roster possibilities. No matter what direction the team goes, we will miss the two players left standing when the music stops and the chairs are claimed.

I do agree about the young talent - they are going to be restless and dissappointed in they are back in whatever is the minor leagues this year. 

Nov 21 2020 05:18 PM


I do agree about the young talent - they are going to be restless and disappointed if they are back in whatever is the minor leagues this year. 


My thoughts exactly. I put my crazy ideas in the Offseason Live Replay: Twins Offseason Blueprints comments section. Despite having Rosario lined up fourth on the list of Eddie or Miguel or Byron or Max, I kept Eddie Rosario.

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