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2020 Baseball America Top 100 Prospects

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 01:35 PM
The Twins got 6 players in the 2020 Baseball America Top 100 prospects rankings.    https://www.baseball...100-prospects/ ...

Fangraphs ZiPS Projections:

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:14 PM
https://blogs.fangra...innesota-twins/   A lot of interesting stuff for those who like projection systems. One quote that stood out...

Ex-Twins in 2020

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 11:53 AM
The season hasn't started yet, but I was motivated to start this thread a bit early after getting a message from Van, suggesting that I s...

World Series or Bust

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 11:39 AM
Looks that way, doesn't it?   We are clearly built for a bright overall future, but Cruz and Donaldson are at the tail end of their...

Trading for Price and Betts

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 09:26 AM
Good Morning,   Per the MLBTR article linked, how would y'all feel about trying to swing a deal with the Red Sox for Mookie Betts an...


Twins and Vikings endings as we begin our 60th seasons

Posted by mikelink45 , 12 January 2020 · 467 views

minnesota twins minnesota vikings superbowls world series
Twins and Vikings endings as we begin our 60th seasons After the deflating 49ers game I thought it was time to reflect on the two major sports teams (sorry Timberwolves – you do not have a story to tell and Los Angeles stole the Lakers. Wild you too lack a story to tell and Dallas stole the North Stars). The tale has some high points, but a lot of really low ones too. I will try to avoid 41 donut, taking a knee, and other embarrassments that have plagued the Vikings. At the same time I will try to avoid the improbable playoff losing streak of the Twins against the Yankees. This is just a summary and you can cry or dwell on the bright spots.

Twins 3 world series 2 victories 1 loss games 11 - 10
Twins Wild Card game 0 – 1 (2017)
Six League division series 1 – 5 games 5 – 17
League Championship series 2 – 3 games 9 – 12
The Twins played in 65 post season games 25 - 40
The Senators went to three world series and won one.

The Vikings have been to the playoffs 31 times in their history
Should you want to relive all the endings you can go to

They have played in 51 post season games 21 – 30
Wild Card games 7 – 7
Divisional round 10 – 13
Conference Championships 4 – 6
Superbowls 0 - 4

Since 1961 we have seen these two teams get into 116 post season games. Collectively we are 46 – 70. But that does not cover our anguish. Let’s get the Twins to another World Series and start a new narrative.