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R.I.P. Hank Aaron

Other Baseball Today, 07:07 PM
Hank Aaron passed away this morning. He was 86 years old. Feels like we're losing MLB legends every week, unfortunately. 

Horse Trading

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 07:00 PM
Horse trading is an art of making shrewd negotiations. In the MLB, TB is well known when a player reach a high value, they put them on th...

Who do you think is the Twins best/worst Free agent that...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 05:28 PM
Who do you guys think is the one who got away? Was a free agent and the Twins let them walk? No not Johan Santana as they traded him, I...

Feinsand: Twins Interested in Marwin Reunion

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 04:55 PM
The Twins reportedly have expressed interest in re-signing free agent utilityman Marwin Gonzalez. MLB.com's Mark Feinsand shares the repo...

One less Grove to pick from...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 02:38 PM
Joe Musgrove to the Padres...who else   https://www.mlbtrade...e-musgrove.html   Feel free to rant, rave, bemoan, lament all th...


Falvey and Lavine fear loss of readers for TD

Posted by mikelink45 , 15 December 2019 · 1,780 views

twins daily minnesota twins falvey off season free agents
Falvey and Lavine fear loss of readers for TD As I read our reactions to each missed free agent and the excitement of the winter meetings I have come to the conclusion that the FO really is concerned about readership and postings on TD. I mean we have had a "why we should sign him" article about every FA that has been signed so far. Just to be clear - not signed by us. We went from everyone with an arm that has not fallen off to all the hitters who can add to Bomba mania.

We debate, we anguish, and we hope. Well at least we read and post.

So imagine if we made the first big signing of the off season. Over - done, nothing to talk about. So we wait.

Then we get four articles about the winter meetings which actually turned into reports about other teams signings.

So we write about how Dobnak is better than we think (how do you know what we think?). Maybe the Twins would sign another level of pitcher - no. Maybe the next level. How perfect an opportunity for our favorite site. If the Twins had not passed on all the players we have heard from we would not be writing about all the FA that we have never heard of. They are FAs? Wow, who cares? Well we do.

Gleeman and the Geek get a chance to really dig deep into the pool of possible. We get to anguish and almost forgot we had 101 wins with this same group of players - sorry we did lose Cron, Perez, and Gibson. But now we can talk about the wisdom of Wisler and trading Eddie Rosario - the player we say was not as good as people think he is but we can trade him to the dumb teams who do not know he is as bad as TD writers think he is.

So thank you Mr Falvey and Mr Levine.

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It is a competition. Every player has a team/s they long to play for. Agents have a pecking order of teams they contact, and they look for the money.


We are a cold Kansas City. Right?


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I just heard a tweet from Falvey that was confirmed by Levine.The Twins still have very strong interest in MadBum and Wheeler.They are not giving up.There goal is to keep this fantasy that they building a winner through patience going at least until the trade deadline! 

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No matter what we do, there will be some fans who will not be satisfied.  After all, fan is short for fanatics.  :)

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I just want a list if the days when the Twins will be wearing those Awful light Blue costumes so I don't accidently watch the game that day....Can the front office find time to handle this for me?
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