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Game Thread Twins @ Royals 6:05pm cdt 8/8/2020ad

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1. Dedication: If i were clever, i would dedicate this game thread to the pioneers of Twins Daily. But i wasn't around in the before time...

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Jake Odorizzi gets activated today to face the Royals, filling out the 28-man active roster which will include 16 (!) pitchers. The way t...

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Twins top prospect Royce Lewis started his own YouTube page since the quarantine started. He's posted several entries. Some are short. So...

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There haven't been many yet, but I'll start this today...   The Twins just announced that Zack Littell (hamstring) has been placed o...


Rule V mania

Posted by mikelink45 , 12 December 2019 · 1,072 views

minnesota twins wander javier rule v
Rule V mania Yup, we could lose a lot. Our guys are really good. The rest of the MLB teams are salivating to get the Twins prospects!

Rule V happened today - Wander Javier did not happen today. None of the players we had available went anywhere until the second round of AAA Rule V when 24. The Tigers took 2B Brian Schales (Twins).

So, yawn, another big Rule V day went by and the overall impact was zilch. There were a number of pitchers taken by poor clubs with nothing too lose. Good luck to them and their picks.

Oh, by the way, the 26th roster spot did not make a difference.

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Yeah I have to say I was surprised.Surprised that the other teams didn't value any of the players we had available, Ouch!I also thought more chances might be taken with a 26 man roster but again I was wrong.The FO did a good job of identifying who to put on the 40 man.


Honestly I think teams have gotten smarter about the rule V draft.Most players taken are not quite ready for MLB.Teams are better off getting left overs from free agency and signing them to low dollar contracts.


I mean the top half dozen teams really bad teams probably have nothing to lose in Rule V so why not pick someone anyone, but after thatmost teams are better off not wasting the roster spot.

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The only teams that the rule 5 seems to make sense for are the teams that are tanking. If your trying to win it is what Dman said.

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I'm glad we still have Wander Javier. The Twins now have one more season to see what he could become. Either he lights the fire that makes him a prized prospect again,or he fizzles for many of the same reasons he's fizzled for the last couple of years and soon finds himself out of baseball.  

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Good. It gives the Twins a good look at Griffin Jax at AAA. And makes Wander Javier a possible trade piece if he can shine.


Youa ctually have to look at a guy and think if he can give you any kind of work in 2020 to keep him on the roster. I think organizations are beyond grabbing someone to keep on the 25-man, then stash back in the minors. There is so much movement in the free agent realm (majors, guys not getting arbitration thus cheaper, minor league free agents, people just getting released because of peckng order). The smart teams figure out a way to pull off minor league trades, especially now going forth.


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I didn't expect any to be drafted. I think it shows that the value of those on the farm in the netherworlds of the rule 5 bubble, particularly Wander Javier, are highly overrated by many close to the team, but not fooled by other teams watching.

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