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Clearing Space - the Infield

Posted by mikelink45 , 29 August 2019 · 2,501 views

minnesota twins luis arraez infield miguel sano mitch garver
Clearing Space - the Infield I started with the outfield as I look at the Twins current 25 man active roster, 40 man overall roster and the crush of players who are on the field, plus those needing to be added to the 40 man and the potential free agents, and possible trade candidates.

The current Major league infielders and catchers (who ocassionally move to a base):
  • Cron
  • Schoop
  • Polanco
  • Sano
  • Arraez
  • Gonzalez
  • Adrianza
  • Castro
  • Garver
  • Astudillo
Cron and Schoop are FA - do we resign them? Schoop has been terrific this past week, but his performance otherwise has been a lesson in low level excellence and high level disappearance. He just turned that around, but does that convince you to keep him? Cron has been injured a lot and yet he has produced .257 .319 .475 .794. Do we resign him? Those are the first two questions that need to be answered before going ahead.

More questions - is Gordon MLB ready? Can he hold up to a full season workload? Is Arraez the 2B of the future or is Polanco moving over since his glove and arm are so often questionable at SS. If Polanco is not at SS who is? Gonzalez is best left to play a little of everywhere and Adrianza had a break out season, but is it sustainable. Lewis is going to AZ, but will he be OF or IF in the future and how soon is he ready? Wander Javier is not ready and still needs to prove himself in MiLB.

Will Sano stay at 3B or does he replace Cron? If so, who plays third? Blankenship seems like the only prospect who actually plays 3B - is he ready?

Does Garver play more at 1B and if so, who catches if Castro is gone as a FA? Is it Astudillo or will we see Jeffers? Does Kiriloff go to the OF or 1B? Is Rooker even a consideration anymore? Has Larnach passed the others and does he stand in line for 1B?

The crystal ball is cracked - this is a mess to sort out. Not too many minor leaguers, but a few important ones. First I predict that we will let Cron go and I feel sorry for him if he is cut two years in a row after productive seasons. Injuries did him in this year. Second I have a feeling Schoop slips away too, but not as positive on this one. I do not believe in the minor leaguers pushing the current infield so I see:
  • 1B - Sano/Garver - maybe Kiriloff by the end of the season
  • 2B - Arraez/Gonzalves - Gordon if Arraez was a mirage this year.
  • SS - Polanco/Adrianza
  • 3B - Sano/Adrianza/Gonzalves and Blankenship by season end if Sano is moved to 1B
  • C - Garver/Astudillo/Jeffers by midseason
What do you think? Who do you move?

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I see Schoop playing the free agent marketplace. He is having a decent year, still young, and should get a multi-year conract.


The Twins will pick upo Cron. No reason not to at this point.


Castro will walk and be grabbed for a decent salary by someone else. Depending on how Willians does in a few at bats in September will also see where the Twins go with a backup plan. Maybe they just get better caliber at AAA Richester, although I do see them fast trac Ryan Jeffers.


Sano will play another season at third base. Arraez will be given very opportunity to play second. Gordon will also get a chance, but will probably start again at AAA. The infield looks good and solid. 


Interesting to see what the Twins do with Rooker and Raley. Adrianza,too. How much for the backup, especially when alredy paying Gonzalez.


Any idea who hs to be added to the 40-man roster fur sure?

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In a May 16 article Jeremy Nygaard (TD) wrote, "Classes that will be first time eligible for the Rule 5 draft this November: College draftees in 2016 (Griffin Jax, Thomas Hackimer), prep draftees in 2015 (Travis Blankenhorn, Trey Cabbage) and IFAs in late 2014 or 2015 (Brusdar Graterol, Edwar Colina)

This also includes those who were acquired via trade that fit the aforementioned criteria (Luke Raley, Devin Smeltzer, Jorge Alcala, Jhoan Duran, Gilberto Celestino, Gabriel Maciel)."


There would be some changes in the list now, but that is a good starting point and you can see how crowded it is. 

A lot of these will be added, so hope some deals are made. Current time Blankenhorn, Graterol, Alcala, Duran, Celestinowill probably be added, Colina is possible.Rest will have to take there chances and expect we lose some.  

Schoop is certainly gone, Cron could be either way depending on the close the FO thinks Kirloff is.That is why I can see the Twins trading Rosario and maybe a couple of the other prospects to clear room, why getting one better pitcher (starting)..

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Roster spots will open up with Castro, Schoop, Romo, Gibson, Odorizzo, Pineda leaving.


The Twins have to make decisions on Wade, Romero, Gonsalves.


Is Kohl Stewart a starter or a bullpen ar,.


Do they think Poppen, Smeltzer, Dobnak are part of the futrue (not to mention Diplan).


Hildengerger could be on the bubble, as might Harper. 


Do the Twins pickup options on Cron and Perez? Is Adrianza arbitration value still useful?


There isn't a lot of wiggle room on the roster, in reality. Anyone that departs WILL be aprt of another team in baseball. Anyone they add they have to ask if that person MIGHT contribute in some way during 2020. Most of the names mentioned above NOT on the 40-man would probably still need seasoning, so to speak, in the minors.


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Twins might want to sign Romo, Odorizzi and Pineda next season.


Twins might want to sign Romo, Odorizzi and Pineda next season.

Signing and agreeing on a $$$ amount are always concerns. Considering how little Romo got this season, might be able to swing it. But all will more-or-less play the marketplace, I'm sure.


Re: Odorizzi, look at how his value has flucuated just this tear. What would you have offered him as a contract back in mid-June. What would you offer today (for a guy who averages just over 5 innings a start.)

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Personally I believe Schoop will be gone and Cron signed for another year or two. Depending on trades Gordon, if still here, will be in AAA ready to be called up. I also believe Pineda should be signed and go after a good FA. Then, either Gibson or Odorizzi signed if available at a reasonable rate.

I think we should trade Kirilloff for a top of the line pitcher, since more people still spell his name wrong than even spell Graterol wrong. Maybe he will then get the respect he deserves, eh? ;)


It is always a crap shot it seems. Look at Escobar's career year, and for someone else because this team virtually gave up on him, and found him expendable. Just think of what this team would look like this year with Escobar on it. Adrianza seems to have a similar progression, minus the power. Early identification of prospect's futures is the key to a great team that sustains.

Sep 01 2019 06:57 PM

Gonsalves will make a terrible 2B or 3B. Plus he is left-handed.Plus he can't hit.