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Harmon Killebrew - our classic home run hitter

Posted by mikelink45 , 14 August 2019 · 829 views

home runs mickey mantle harmon killebrew rocky colavito home run derby
Harmon Killebrew - our classic home run hitter I could not resist putting up this Home Run Derby between Harmon Killebrew and Rocky Colavito. In this contest the two who had tied for the HR championship of the AL faced off. https://youtu.be/GKq4xdoS4vE

It is preceded by Harmon taking the crown from Mickey Mantle - https://youtu.be/2JAMbwIiV80

And followed by a contest Harmon lost to Ken Boyer - a third baseman who belongs in the HOF https://youtu.be/u0avExaz2Rg Ken did not last long - his next challenge was Hank Aaron who took over the program.

It is so amazing to see these greats playing for $2000 - chump change today.

It is also fun to see Harmon, pre-Twins days in his Senator's uniform.

These are great players without the science of today. I love watching them.

Nostalgia - enjoy.

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Killebrew was hitting HRs at a rate of 7+% in an era when non-pitchers were hitting them at about a 2.3% rate. That's three times the rate of the league.


Just for context...

If Max Kepler was hitting HRs at 3x the league average in 2019 (non-pitchers)...his current 501 PA would give him 58 HR on the season. Needless to say, nobody hits home runs at the rate of 3x league average anymore.

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Thanks for the post - that was fun.

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Aug 19 2019 03:14 PM

I remember faking an illness in high school when ESPN played a marathon of these back in the day (late-90s, pre-OnDemand days.)

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