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Who is our best pitcher?

Posted by mikelink45 , 13 July 2019 · 1,175 views

taylor rogers jose berrios twins pitching jake odorizzi
Who is our best pitcher? I am struck by some comments about Gibson and Mejia and Littell in the July 13 recap and it makes me wonder how we would rank our own pitchers right now.

I would certainly have Rogers first and Blake Parker does not rate high on my faith index. Here is my attempt at ranking them all.
  • Taylor Rogers - two inning saves are great. 41 innings in 34 games, 1.73 ERA and for what it is worth 13 saves.
  • Jose Berrios - He is our Ace
  • Jake Odorizzi - I hope he can keep this going all year.
  • Ryne Harper - who would have thought this. I still do not like the fact that 50% of his inherited runners score, but he seems to have gotten the faith of the manager and pitching coach.
  • Michael Pineda - I am finally coming around on Pineda - his last month has been excellent and I hope that trend continues.
  • Trevor May - he has not become the relief stud we hoped for, but he has stopped inherited runs and not given up runs, what more can we ask for.
  • Martin Perez - Loved his first two months, has he turned things around again? We could use that stud who dominated April/May
  • Kyle Gibson - 4.03 era better that Perez and Pineda, but last year's Gibson has not shown up and he does not look like a playoff pitcher. His average inning pitched per game is 5.1
  • Blake Parker - I am not a believer, but he has pitched 31 innings in 32 games and despite giving us acid reflux during his innings, he has maintained a 3.77 ERA
  • Devin Smeltzer - currently off the roster, but he seems to have the sixth starter position.
  • Lewis Thorpe - good audition, may also rotate for sixth starter and next year he and Smeltzer could be in the rotation.
  • Tyler Duffey - He does not seem to be putting batters away, but at least his era is under 4.
  • Kohl Stewart - not sure what his role will be but we keep seeing him pop up - currently off the MLB roster.
  • Mike Morin - His whip is under 1 which none of the relievers I have already listed come close to, but his usage seems to indicate that he has not yet gained the faith of his manager.
  • Zack Littell - The good innings are really good, but
  • Adalberto Mejia - has had many roles and a few years and still does not have it.
  • Matt Magill - 4.67 era, 1.481 WHIP, 2 WP, 2 HBP,
So what do you think? Rearrange and give me your input.

Can't disagree with the top two. Odo, Gibson and Pineda next. May 6th, Perez 7th, Harper 8th, Duffey 9th. 


Gibson has pitched as an opener one game and relieved one. Take away the two IP and one start. He's 17 full starts and 96.1 IP. Odo is 17/88.2 and Perez is 15/86.1. Pineda is 17/92.2. It's between Gibson and Perez for most IP per start.

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Okay - Mejia is gone for nothing - Boston got Cashner for their number 5 starter for basically nothing.Baltimore should now grab Mejia.

stringer bell
Jul 15 2019 10:16 AM

Graphing each pitcher's season would be interesting. Each starter has hit a low spot or fallen off, but the results for all five, on balance, have been pretty good in relation to expectations. Same with the bullpen.


Only Rogers has been really consistent all year. His usage has changed, though, and he is getting a ton of high-leverage work. He's clearly the most valuable of the Twins' pitchers. 


Rating Magill so low is a function of a putrid stretch. Most of the rest of the time, he's been pretty good. Morin doesn't seem to get any high-leverage work, despite really good top-line numbers.

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Not sure that if I needed one game, that I wouldn’t choose Odorizzi to start that game over Berrios at this point in time. Better WIP, FIP, ERA, K/9. Berrios better work horse and track record over the last couple of years.
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