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What if the season ended at the All Star Break

Posted by mikelink45 , 05 July 2019 · 621 views

batting records all star break home runs batting average rod carew
What if the season ended at the All Star Break
  • Carew 1977
  • Tony Gwynn 1994
  • George Brett 1980

What if the all star game was the end of the season? What kind of records would we have?

Home Runs – 12 have 33 or more – Harmon Killebrew in 1964 had 30 and the total with 30+ first half homeruns is – 36 and Harmon is the only Twin on the list.

TOP 12:
• Barry Bonds, 2001 Giants, 39
• Chris Davis, 2013 Orioles, 37
• Mark McGwire, 1998 Cardinals, 37
• Reggie Jackson, 1969 Athletics, 37
• Luis Gonzalez, 2001 D-backs, 35
• Ken Griffey Jr., 1998, Mariners, 35
• Frank Howard, 1969 Senators, 34
• Sammy Sosa, 1998 Cubs, 33
• Ken Griffey Jr., 1994 Mariners, 33
• Matt Williams, 1994 Giants, 33
• Mark McGwire, 1987 Athletics, 33
• Roger Maris, 1961 Yankees, 33

I know that George Brett (390) was hitting 341 on July 10, Tony Gwynn (394) was hitting 387 on July 4, and Rod Carew (388) hit 403 on July 4. Beyond that I cannot find stats for All-Star break leaders. Maybe you can add something.

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Can we bring the uni that Carew is rocking back?!? I like.

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