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Our fantasy rotation

Posted by mikelink45 , 16 February 2019 · 607 views

berrios pineda romero gibson odorizzi
Our fantasy rotation Eno Sarris’ top 175 pitchers for the 2019 fantasy baseball season
The Twins top five according to Sarris all make it in the top 175!

Berrios 18
Above Strasburg, Corbin, Price, Wheeler, Morton and Greinke

Kyle Gibson 60
Above Matz, Woodruff, Lucchesi, Quintana

Odorizzi 69
Above Jimmy Nelson

Pineda 71
Above Stroman, Gonzales, Smith and Gray

Fernando Romero 135
Above Valdez, Cease, Gohara, Williams, Lynn

Take all those positions and average them out and our rotation comes out in with an average of 70. It is interesting to see how Gibson/Odorizzi/Pineda are all bunched and that they project Romero.

Based on 32 teams that is pretty average - a 500 team. 32 teams would have five rotation places or 160 spots. At least Romero keeps us above the 160 mark.