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Your team - the Twins Pitching. Good enough?

Posted by mikelink45 , 16 December 2018 · 1,235 views

berrios minnesota twins pitching central division
Your team - the Twins Pitching.  Good enough? A few days ago I looked at the Twins lineup and bench and we had a total war of 16+, which is not good and our defensive metrics were not good either. So how do we stand at this point with our pitching? I am using baseball reference as my go to on each player.

I am not projecting surprises rookies or trades or FA. There is nothing that makes me think I should.

Starting Rotation - WAR - Projections (win-loss) ERA, Whip - someone has to win the game so they count for me.
Jose Berrios 3.8 12-10, 4.02, 1.20
Kyle Gibson 3.9 10-11 4.24 1.39
Jake Odorizzi 1.5 8-8 4.18 1,28
Michael Pineda 0.6 4-4 4.37 1.30 - 2017 stats
Fernando Romero 0.4 5-5 4.19 1.31

Addison Reed 0.1 2-4 3.68 1.23
Taylor Rogers 2.2 3-3 3.46 1.17
Trevor Hildenberg -0.6 4.4 4.50 1.59
Trevor May 0.6 3.2 3.92 1.23
Gabriel Moya 0.2 3-2 4.22 1.27
Adelberto Mejia 1.0 4-4 3.87 1.35
Matt Magill 0.7 3-3 4.08 1.38
Kohl Stewart 0.6 3-3 3.84 1.30

I took Kohl as a random person from Little, DeJong, Curtiss...
The WAR for our starters in 10.2
WAR for relievers is 4,8
I am sometimes confused by WAR because if I add our 16.6 batters to the starters and relievers we have 31 games won next year. I think we can ignore that.
If these are our pitchers we have 64 wins and 63 losses which leaves us with 34 games from our call ups and fill ins. So lets keep going with the next pitchers on the list.
Stephen Gonsalves -0.6 4-3 4.58 1.44
Zach Littell - 0.5 2-3 4.30 1.78
Chase DeJong 0.2 3-4 4.22 1.30
John Curtiss 0.0 1-2 4.34 1.31
Tyler Duffey -0.8 3-3 5.04 1.32
Aaron Slegers 0.0 3-3 4.50 1.28

That brings us to a collective 80 - 81 and someone else - maybe Astudillo Willans will pitch the deciding game on our 500 season. The WAR for this group is -1.7.

So with our team as it now stands that is the summary I can extract from Baseball Reference.

Do you agree or disagree? This has to fit with

I wish it was a rosier picture, but this is just looking at the data as it sits right now with a team that seems committed to the status quo! I cannot find WAR for coaches.

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Dec 16 2018 08:50 PM

It will get better...it will get better...it will get better.

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it is my understanding that a whole team of replacement level players wins 52 games. Which team consistent with your numbers of the Twins being .500.

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I came up with the 500 record simply by adding all the projected wins and losses.I do notknow their criteria for figuring this. 


it is my understanding that a whole team of replacement level players wins 52 games. Which team consistent with your numbers of the Twins being .500.