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It's August

Posted by mikelink45 , 01 August 2018 · 1,151 views

baseball twins minor leagues prospects trades
It's August Okay it is August and the Twins have kept us around and speculating since Spring Training. Who will be cut, what FA will be brought in, will the minor leaguers get a chance, will Dozier's 1/2 year of brilliance begin soon? Are we buyers or sellers, who will be our all-star, will anyone take our deadwood at Trade Deadline. Now what?

The Twins are 9 games back in the Central and perhaps even more telling they are 13.5 back in the wild card. At 49 - 57 the Twins now have 56 games left. Being just an 8 fame winning streak from 500 what are the chances of strong finish? Yawn - does it matter.
The new acquisitions are ready to contribute to the big club in about 5 years, the best players in the minors in 2 years.

The Twins still have Belisle taking innings. Why? They still have slugger Morrison and his 193 BA taking regular ABs - Why? I believe DFA was created for these two.

Any reason that Romero and Gonsalves are not in the rotation for the rest of this waste year? Is there some logic that it is better to go with Belisle, Rodney, and Reed than some of our minor league arms? Is there any reason Rooker should not get a preview rather than Morrison?

Is there no one in the minors who could benefit from removing Wilson at Catcher? Other than seeing new talent and getting a preview of better times what does the rest of the season mean? I know the Vikings are about to start playing exhibitions that are even more pathetic than our chances to catch Cleveland, but at least there are individual goals for the players on the Twins. Or we can watch Thibodeau in daily debates with his best player as we wait the highly anticipated (cough-cough) Timberwolves, or switch over to the 8th place United.

Maybe a trip to the lake, a walk in the woods (my choices) are the best choices. Meditation about what it means to be a Twins fan. Our all-time record puts us 101 games below 500 - maybe that is our destiny. The state parks await. Or the state fair with everything on a stick can take away our baseball blues. A concert or two, or a trip to the minor leagues to see what the young Twins look like (and please do not repeat that we have built up our minors so we can use them for trades). Look for hope before the leaves turn, the wind shifts and the flakes fall.

We know that there are a lot of fans with the same doldrums. Most of them entered the season without hope and that is the hardest part. Baseball is such a tease.

And, of course, there are the teams like the Cubs, Red Sox, Dodgers, Yankees that should be put in one division so that they can beat each other up and give the rest of us a real chance.

Enjoy the sunshine, harvest your garden, check Twins Daily for new stories and let the radio put the Twins in the background while you sit on the deck and remember what a gorgeous place we live in.

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Anyone with a chance at being a part of the future should get a crack over the next 55 games. Simply no reason (unless the worry is stunted growth) that we should keep trotting out the junk over the prospects. This looks to be another lengthy rebuild. It hurt to type that.

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The reason why this is such a lengthy rebuild is because for that past 8 seasons the Twins have not taken rebuilding seriously.They thought that they could get guys like Jamey Carroll and Phil Hughes as lower cost (at least to the MLB free agent market place) and those insertions around Mauer and Mourneau would be good enough to keep a mediocre team on the field.  


Even at the start of the rebuilding they were reluctant to switch from their conservative development approach and instead plugged in a myriad of players signed as cheap free agents or waiver wire pickups.


Jamey Carroll, Clete Thomas, Matt Carson, Chris Collabello, Wilkin Ramirez, Doug Bernier, Eric Fryer, Josh Willingham, Ryan Doumit, Kurt Suzuki, Sam Fuld, Kendrys Morales, Jordan Schaffer, Shane Robinson, Logan Schafer, Chris Giminez.  


That is just a list of the position players.The Twins have tried to short cut their way just to get a team that didn't suck.Their actions, continuing into the current FO, demonstrated they had no interest in doing what it took to make this team into anythong close to a team that can compete for a World Series.


And, as I have pointed out, the other thing that is really troubling is that despite this very conservative approach to minor league development, the Twins players that do make it to the major leagues arrive requiring significant adjustment time and often lacking some basic baseball fundamentals (that the manager has not interest in dealing with).


The ownership, front office, and some of the fans needs to drop the notion that this team is even close to being ready to compete.We need to tear it apart again but try to develop the team with a more committed approach to that rebuild.We will lose games, but hopefully we can sort out the talent that we have and then have some skill (and luck) to fill in the pieces that are needed to make this a quality, competitive team.

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Aug 02 2018 07:08 AM
Being (mostly) terrible from 2010-2016 and then sneaking into the wild card game in 2017 lead me to state this isn't a rebuild, just one continual build since the Gardy days.
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