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Not Belisle

Posted by mikelink45 , 12 June 2018 · 585 views

belisle relief pitching bullpen twins
Not Belisle I am flabbergasted. I wants something to happen. I wanted a change, but Matt Belisle? For gods sake Cleveland sent him to the minors and the AAA team released him. This is our big move? This is how we fix the BP? Look at this quote from Twinkie Town - "Certainly the presence of Belisle is to lessen the workloads on fellow righthanders Addison Reed, Trevor Hildenberger, and Ryan Pressley. However, it’s a little quizzical that the front office was so quick to bring him in when Alan Busenitz (31% strikeout rate, 0.38 ERA, 1.76 FIP) and John Curtiss (33.7% strikeout rate, 1.61 ERA, 2.63 FIP) are dominating Triple-A. This is likely a case of Falvey/Levine wanting Belisle’s veteran presence (veteran presents?) while Busenitz and Curtiss are still rather green."

Is this Ground Hog Day? Is this what all those great stats whizzes came up with? Once upon a time we had a Twins FO that brought back anyone who wore a Twins Uniform, even if it was a costume part. I thought those days were over.

I think the answer to our current bullpen questions was in the minors, but of course the FO did not sign them, like they did not sign Wade and they have already proved that they want their fingerprints on every move.

Falvey if you want to bring a new culture to the Twins this is not the way to do it. https://www.twinkiet...f-alan-busenitz

Would I rather have Petit - yes. Belisle's 5.06 ERA in 8 games is not a stat I take pleasure in. I gave our FO a C- in an early posting. Today I make that a D.

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The other problem is that Busenitz and even John Curtiss are not exactly spring chickens either.Busenitz is 27 years old and Curtiss 25.IF they are not ready now, when will they ever be?  


WHile I will give the front office the fact that they get to watch them way more closely than we do, I think you need to give them more of a chance than what they have been given.You have to commit to these younger players. Let them get the appearances and innings. Maybe it will cost you a game here or there.But they have not given Curtissany chance and I would argue that they have not given Busenitz a complete chance.


We can pretend we are contenders all we want, but this team isn't.The only reason there is a glimmer of hope is that we play in the crappiest division in baseball.The AL Central division leader would be 2.5 games behind the next worse division leader and is 8 games behind the nearest wild card team.  


ANd even if we are contending, the other fact is Matt Belisle is not going to make us more of a contender and the cost of this is delaying the development and evaluation of prospects like Busenitz (at his age his prospect status is questionable) and Curtiss.


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