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A curmudgeon looks at the Twins

Posted by mikelink45 , 28 May 2018 · 801 views

twins american league standings wild card central division
A curmudgeon looks at the Twins The assessment of Twins by Twins fans tends to seek the positive. I read about the good pitching staff and other data that is meant to give hope. I decided to look at stats without trying to promote or complain about the team. It is now after the Memorial day holiday where assessments start to get past the SSS notations. So where are we?

The overall position of the Twins in the American League - no divisions standings - has us in 11th place - 5 teams behind us. We are 23rd if we combine all teams. That is not good.

In pitching which is our strength this year we are number 8 in the 15 team American League - I think we can safely say that is average - not great, not what we have seen the last few years, but average in ERA and batting average against and strike outs. WE ARE AVERAGE.

In batting we are last in runs. 13 of 15 in HR. Number 13 in OBP, Number 14 in slugging. Remember this is out of 15 teams.

In fielding we are number 7 in errors and number 6 in fielding pct - if you still follow this stat.

So lets think about what these all add up to. A team that is lucky it is in the central division. A team that is better in pitching, worse in fielding and much worse in batting. If we dream of a wild card something has to change.

May 29 2018 08:27 AM

Well, I feel better now.

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