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Article: Mailbag: Extension-Palooza, Infield Log Jam, New...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:10 PM
Spring training has started, but there are certainly plenty of questions to be answered about the club. Over the next few weeks, the rost...

Manny Machado to the Padres

Other Baseball Today, 01:04 PM
According to Jeff Passan, the first big domino has fallen as the Padres and Manny Machado have agreed to terms.   Recent reports wer...

Plenty of money

Other Baseball Today, 12:45 PM
The Braves made 100 million, with a bad tv deal and a 130MM payroll......there is plenty of money for the actual players to get more........

Article: Catching Up With Ryan Jeffers

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 11:34 AM
Ryan Jeffers was recently named by Twins Daily as the Twins #13 ranked prospect. He was a walk-on at the University of North Carolina-Wil...

Article: Twins Daily 2019 Top Prospects: #1 Royce Lewis

Twins Minor League Talk Today, 11:31 AM
We have spent the last two weeks counting down the Twins Daily Top 20 Minnesota Twins prospects heading into the 2019 season. Today, we a...

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The best SS in Twins history?

Posted by mikelink45 , 19 February 2019 · 172 views
cardenas, versalles, smalley and 2 more...
Community Blog Post
The best SS in Twins history? The best Shortstop in Twins history This is a challenging position. No HOF candidates.

The first year of the Twins Zoilo Vesalles was the dominate Shortstop – 129 games. Jose Valivielso backed him up. Versalles was in 160 games in 1962, 159 – 1963, 160 – 1964, 160 in the World Series year of 1965 when he was the MVP of the league, he dropped to 1...


Two sport stars - more than Kyler Murray

Posted by mikelink45 , 17 February 2019 · 256 views
jim thorpe, gene conley and 3 more...
Community Blog Post
Two sport stars - more than Kyler Murray Kyler Murray has set the internet buzzing with his two-sport potential. The A’s hope he chooses baseball, the NFL wants him for football. So it got me thinking about baseball players and their second sports. According to Wiki there are 70 Athletes who played in both MLB and NFL.

Bo Jackson was the second Heisman Trophy winner to play in both – Vic J...


Our fantasy rotation

Posted by mikelink45 , 16 February 2019 · 263 views
berrios, pineda, romero, gibson and 1 more...
Community Blog Post
Our fantasy rotation Eno Sarris’ top 175 pitchers for the 2019 fantasy baseball season
The Twins top five according to Sarris all make it in the top 175!

Berrios 18
Above Strasburg, Corbin, Price, Wheeler, Morton and Greinke

Kyle Gibson 60
Above Matz, Woodruff, Lucchesi, Quintana

Odorizzi 69
Above Jimmy Nelson

Pineda 71
Above Stroman, Gonzales, Smith and Gray



Bowdens top 100

Posted by mikelink45 , 16 February 2019 · 388 views
bowden, lewis, kiriloff, graterol
Community Blog Post
Bowdens top 100 Bowden top 100 and TD top 20
The TD list and the Bowden rankings

Once again I am interested in the ratings of Bowden just to give us a national perspective. This is not about right or wrong. I cannot judge any of them, but I do enjoy the ratings:

20. Jose Miranda, 2B/3B
19. Jorge Alcala, RHP
18. LaMonte Wade, OF
17. Zack Littell, RHP
16. Gilberto Celes...


The Twins best second baseman.

Posted by mikelink45 , 15 February 2019 · 955 views
carew, knoblauch, wilfong, dozier and 1 more...
Community Blog Post
The Twins best second baseman. The Twins Best Second basemen
The second base slot has changed dramatically in this era. With all the strikeouts and flyballs there are fewer double plays, fewer ground balls, and if there is the shift complicates who is where. But I will not emphasize those changes, I just want to look at the names and skills of the people who players second in our histo...