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Game Thread: Twins vs. Detroit 8/17 @ 7:10 PM CT

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 12:43 AM
ANNND Welcome! To Minnesota Twins Whine Line: Christmas in August Edition! I am your host and gracious elf, Vanimal. Along with my trusty...

Article: Getting the Twins Bullpen Right for 2019

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 11:00 PM
It wasn't so long ago that the Twins were flush with quality righties out of the bullpen. Even though the rest of his team was lagging ar...

Article: MIN 5, DET 4: Take a Bow, Joe

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 10:57 PM
If there’s one good reason to keep tuning into the Twins the rest of this season, it’s because we could very will be watching the end of...

A way, way too early look at the 2019 rotation. And yet...

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 10:57 PM
This is stupid! Its way, way too early! And we will have months ahead of us to discuss the 2019 season. And yet, between a disappointing...

Article: Twins Minor League Report (8/16): Every Affiliat...

Twins Minor League Talk Yesterday, 09:16 PM
Rochester and Chattanooga won laughers, Cedar Rapids split a double-header that included the suspended game from Wednesday night, Fort My...

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Does a team need to be close knit to win?

Posted by mikelink45 , 03 August 2018 · 371 views
charlie finley, oakland and 3 more...
Community Blog Post
Does a team need to be close knit to win? I thought I would expand on my comment about the team and the fact that a team that gets along, is filled with nice guys, and causes no issues does not necessarily mean that they are winners.

Does anyone remember the A's when they dominated the game?Rudi, Henderson, Bando, Catfish Hunter, Rollie Fingers, Gene Tenace, Bert Campaneris, Blue Moon Odom, Vida...


Grading the year

Posted by mikelink45 , 02 August 2018 · 393 views
twins, trades, grades, injuries
Community Blog Post
Grading the year Just read Bleacher reports grading for all the teams at this point in the year. Obviously after the trading period. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2789031-mlb-report-card-grades-for-all-30-teams-entering-august?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=newsletter&utm_campaign=mlb#slide4

"Minnesota Twins (49-57)
If we pretended 2017 never happened,...


It's August

Posted by mikelink45 , 01 August 2018 · 361 views
baseball, twins, minor leagues and 2 more...
Community Blog Post
It's August Okay it is August and the Twins have kept us around and speculating since Spring Training. Who will be cut, what FA will be brought in, will the minor leaguers get a chance, will Dozier's 1/2 year of brilliance begin soon? Are we buyers or sellers, who will be our all-star, will anyone take our deadwood at Trade Deadline. Now what?

The Twins are 9 games...


Baseball - team or individual game

Posted by mikelink45 , 12 July 2018 · 427 views
teamwork, baseball, putouts and 1 more...
Community Blog Post
Baseball - team or individual game In the comments there were some discussions that I replied to with the statement that baseball is an individual game played as a team sport. I thought it might be worth exploring.

Start with the Pitcher and Batter. It is true that the catcher is a third wheel in this conversation. While the batter is concentrating and the Pitcher is dealing the other pla...


Top prospects - MLB included

Posted by mikelink45 , 10 July 2018 · 673 views
twins, redwings, kernels and 2 more...
Community Blog Post
Top prospects - MLB included Okay it is mid season and we are getting a reshuffle of prospects and their ratings. Which makes me wonder - what if the ratings include the players already in the major leagues?

For example - if all the starting pitchers were put in one pot and we said who has the most potential for the next five years - I would certainly keep Berrios at number 1, but w...