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Opening Series Breakdown 2020: Minnesota Twins @ Oakland...

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 11:02 PM
 Twins Sheet.pdf   201.7KB   4 downloads Preface As some of you may have seen on my profile, I have been runnin...

36 Minutes of Twins BOMBAS!

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 08:36 PM
Looking to kill some time? Here's the ultimate bomba squad highlight reel. Enjoy!  

Helfand: “early June start appears out of picture”

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 07:01 PM

Live Baseball: Right now!

Twins Minor League Talk Yesterday, 06:14 PM
Hey all,   We're live streaming last year's Opening Day game over on the Blue Wahoos Facebook page. Come join us, watch Jorge Alcala...

Knuckleballers - gone the way of the sacrifice bunt (and...

Minnesota Twins Talk Yesterday, 07:01 PM
All:   With all the free time due to not having a new MLB season to follow, I was thinking back to baseball past. Things like the sa...

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Total Bases

Posted by mikelink45 , 07 April 2020 · 328 views

Community Blog Post
Total Bases Baseball records used to have so much more meaning for me, but now I realize the external and societal influences and they have taken on less meaning. 60 and 61 were magical - 70 and 73 on steroids - blah. 714 and 755 HR totals were meaningful, but they were steroided too and then along came the juiced ball and 300 + team HRs means less too.

Doubles, tri...


SI covers - baseball history sampler

Posted by mikelink45 , 04 April 2020 · 267 views
sports illustrated, 1987 series and 3 more...
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SI covers - baseball history sampler Once upon a time I had the first copy of SI with Eddie Mathews on the cover - my third favorite player after Aaron and Spahn, but my mother did what hundreds of mothers did - cleaned house and threw it away. But for decades SI was the go to source like TD is today.

Going through my old collection of magazine covers I was struck with the fun stories and i...


Names and players - yes I am bored

Posted by mikelink45 , 25 March 2020 · 1,043 views

Community Blog Post
Names and players - yes I am bored I just went through the roster of everyone who ever played for the Senators/Twins franchise. Only with Coronavirus would I do that. Well it was kind of fun and I put together a 26 man roster of the best names - from my perspective. These were last names only and it was hard to ignore the nicknames. Vic Power led off at first for the Twins since Power is o...


What works with a pandemic?

Posted by mikelink45 , 14 March 2020 · 837 views
spanish flu, twins, covid 19
Community Blog Post
What works with a pandemic? One of the most interesting thing I have found in researching the virus and the Spanish Flu is this article on the affect of social distancing? https://qz.com/18160...stancing-works/

For baseball fans who like to look at charts and graphs this is a really good study of St Louis and Philadelphia during t...


Spanish Flu, Coronavirus and Baseball

Posted by mikelink45 , 12 March 2020 · 1,524 views
coronavirus, spanish flu and 1 more...
Community Blog Post
Spanish Flu, Coronavirus and Baseball In 1918 Spanish Flu became the last act in the horrible loss of life that had been WWI, "By the time it had spread across the United States, the deadly event had killed an estimated 675,000 Americans."

If you wonder why the world is reacting so vigorously to Corona think about this from MLB.Com history - "In just 15 months Spanish flu killed, according t...