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2019 Dominican Winter League Draft

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Falvey: "...We're going to target impact pitching...

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Market for Sano

Posted by MaxOelerking , 02 June 2018 · 1,481 views

miguel sano trade twins transactions
Here are just some ideas for a possible trade involving the Twins third baseman.

Baltimore Orioles

Trade Assets:
  • Manny Machado SS
  • Darren O'Day RHP
  • Tanner Scott LHP
  • Chance Sisco C
  • Hunter Harvey RHP
San Diego Padres

Trade Assets:
  • Tyson Ross RHP
  • Mackenzie Gore LHP
  • Michael Baez RHP
  • Adrian Morejon LHP
  • Robbie Erlin LHP
Philadelphia Phillies

Trade Assets:
  • Sixto Sanchez RHP
  • Adam Haseley OF
  • Seranthony Dominguez RHP
  • Nick Pivetta RHP
  • Nick Williams OF

Jun 02 2018 10:55 AM

This "send Sano down" or "trade Sano" talk is getting ridiculous and makes no sense. Is this because of the strikeouts or what? The guy's hit 2 HR and has 10 RBI in 8 games since coming back.

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Kelly Vance
Jun 03 2018 09:35 AM

Yeah, adversity brings out the best in some and the worst in others. In any season a team is going to hit a rough spot or two.  The Dodgers last year being a good example. The winners ride it out and right the ship. The Twins can do that. 4.5 games back on June 3 is not that much to worry about.  


Trade Sano?  For what? A bunch of magic beans? A pitcher?  We have 5 starters and Erv and Pineda and Gonsalves ready to step in. Another 3B?  Who out there has 40 HR potential and that would be available? And of the power hitters out there.... they all strike out a lot. But Sano is still young and has time to correct his faults. 


I don't believe in making moves just for moves sake. When you go with a youth movement, you have to put up with the growing pains.

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Jun 03 2018 03:59 PM
I wouldn’t see it as making a move to make a move, I’d see it as selling high on pure talent that won’t age well and may become a liability sooner than we think. Imagine a scenario where the Rays are willing to send Wilson Ramos and Chris Archer today for Sano, Kirilloff, and Thorpe. Would you pull the trigger?
LA VIkes Fan
Jun 04 2018 10:49 AM

Not sure about that one because I think Archer is overrated as a top of the rotation guy by some when I think he is in fact more of a solid #3 or weak #2.I'm not anxious to trade Sano but question his work ethic and drive enough to see if there's a good return out there. I would trade him straight up for JT Realmutoor someone of that level if that's possible. It may not be possible to swing that deal with Miami given how poorly Sano has played this year but it might be a win/win. Miami gives up a solid to very good MLB catcher who wants out, the Twins give up a now decent to solid/could be great hitter who the Marlins can shift to 1B, and Miami gets an additional year of control before he gets good and goes to the Yankees.  

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Jun 04 2018 01:30 PM
Not gonna lie, but that sounds too good not to happen, and I couldn’t think of a better change of scenery for Sano than a place like Miami. Although I’m afraid the Twins organization is just too committed to Sano, like they are with Mauer and Molitor. And if Miami could throw in Derek Dietrich for 1 or 2 lower level prospects that’d be even better, cuz the dude’s a gamer.