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2019 Off-Season Plan - Trade Edition

Posted by butterspud , 31 October 2018 · 3,948 views

2019 Off-Season Plan - Trade Edition Hey Everybody,

This is the second part of my off-season plan for the Twins. I will be following the same needs that I pointed out in my Free Agency Edition and will be treating this post as if we didn't sign any free agents at all and only looked to improve via trades.

Relief Pitcher
Second Baseman
Designated Hitter
First Baseman
Starting Pitcher?

Trade Candidates to improve the 2019 Twins:

Relief Pitcher:
1. Raisel Iglesias (I'm not a fan of trading for relief pitching in the off-season because you have to give up player capital and would rather reach into the billfold and sign a guy, but Raisel Iglesias is an intriguing player. There was some interest from the FO in him last year and I wouldn't be surprised if some rumors popped up this year as well. The Red's know they are still in rebuild mode (Who knows what they're doing) and could use a prospect boost especially in their SP depth)

Prediction: Kohl Stewart and Tyler Watson for Raisel Iglesias

2. Archie Bradley (Honestly Bradley could be the next Josh Hader and the Diamondbacks are smart enough to know that. But he's worth the call. Arizona is losing one of their top starters this off-season and Paul Goldschmidt could be next via trade. If the Diamondbacks were to hit full rebuild he's worth looking into.)

Prediction: Akil Badoo, Felix Jorge, and a lottery ticket for Archie Bradley

Second Baseman:
1. Whit Merrifield (I HATE making trades in the same division but I'll have a couple in this article because the truth is the Tigers, White Sox, and Royals have guys who just make sense for us. Merrifield is one of them. He's young, under contract for 4 years, and cheap, that is what teams need now a days to succeed. He makes great contact has great defense and I love his swing. One thing I don't like is his price tag but it might be worth it. Whit is starting to prove himself, prospects may never pan out. Worth it)

Prediction: Stephen Gonsalves, Luis Arraez, and Felix Jorge for Whit Merrifield (And it might be pricier but that's where I start)

2. Starlin Castro (Come on guys let's jump on this Marlins mess and make an upgrade at their loss. Miami will not be contending for years to come and need a steroid hit to their farm system to even dream about competing for a while. They have a good second baseman and we need a second baseman. Doesn't it make sense. $11 Million for 2019 and a $16 million club option (which we will almost certainly decline) is something I can live with to bridge the gap between now and the Gordon, Lewis era.)

Prediction: Lamonte Wade and Yunior Severino for Starlin Castro

Designated Hitter:
*Would rather sign a guy to fill DH so these trades are included to set up Sano's transition to 1B/DH*
1. Maikel Franco (I had this on my 2018 trade edition and as I predicted Franco took a step forward this year. Although the price may have gone up now and the Phillies may think he's part of their shot at contending. I'd look into him. He can play 3B regularly moving Sano to DH and they can flip flop on Franco's rest days so you can still have his bat in the lineup)

Prediction: Max Kepler and Travis Blankenhorn for Maikel Franco or (my favorite trade) Eddie Rosario for Maikel Franco (easier to find good OF's than a good 3B)

2. Miguel Andujar (This trade sets up Sano to fill the DH spot and leaves Andujar at 3B for awhile and I love it if it's realistic. New York is headed towards a log jam in their infield and although many think Didi Gregorious will be the guy to go I could see the Twins kicking tires on Andujar and fixing their Sano at 3B problem. I fully expect New York to ask for the world though so this might be where a guy like Rosario or Kepler will have to be included)

Prediction: Eddie Rosario, Wander Javier, and Tyler Jay for Miguel Andujar and Ryder Green, or, Max Kepler, Brusdar Graterol, and Luis Arraez for Miguel Andujar

First Baseman:
1. Matt Olson (Olson seems to be a cornerstone that the A's want to keep but it's Billy Beane and this trading hand is always hot. He would lock down 1B and has a higher ceiling and floor than Tyler Austin. The A's need MLB ready starters and for the first time in awhile we have that in Billy Beane's favorite form, prospects and cheap)

Prediction: Adalberto Mejia, Griffin Jax, and Felix Jorge for Matt Olson

2. Jose Abreu (Division trade #2. Never been a fan of Abreu but the truth is he is a silent stud in Chicago. Although I see him in a Red Sox jersey at some point, it's a possibility for the Twins. They are the perfect trade partner for one of our outfielders and would indicate we are ready to compete but all stars don't come cheap.

Prediction: Max Kepler and Stephen Gonsalves for Jose Abreu or Lewis Thorpe, Luis Arraez, and John Curtiss for Jose Abreu

Starting Pitcher?:
1. Steven Matz (I know Twins fans want deGrom or Syndergaard but I'm basing this off of history and the Twins don't make trades like that due to their love of their own prospects. Wouldn't it be interesting to see if they would take Nick Gordon and change for him though? We might be overpaying on paper but Matz has a crazy ceiling if his health stays up and he gets a change of scenery. I would love to give the new pitching coach a gem to play with like him. Don't call me crazy but Steven Matz has 2nd starter stuff for half the price.)

Prediction: Nick Gordon and a lottery ticket for Steven Matz

2. Michael Fulmer (Division trade #3. Fulmer is well known to be on the trade block and I don't see why the Twins wouldn't take a look at him. Minnesota knows everything about him after facing him in division matchups and I firmly believe there is a coach out there who can unlock his ace stuff again, it's just not Rick Anderson *laughs hysterically at Detroit's stupidity*)

Prediction: Wander Javier and Travis Blankenhorn for Michael Fulmer

3. Marcus Stroman (Yo. Toronto. You done with screwing over Marcus Stroman yet? This guy needs a change of scenery almost as bad as Jimmy Butler does...almost. I love Stroman, I just don't love his 2019 numbers and I'm sure the FO doesn't either. He's still 27 and like Matz he has 2nd starter stuff in him that needs to be unlocked by someone new. The price for him is as low as it ever will be and I'll take a discounted gem.)

Prediction: Nick Gordon and a lottery ticket for Marcus Stroman

J.T. Realmuto (Here's the fun one. I've avoided thinking about Realmuto in a Twins jersey but as much as I don't want to get my hopes up the truth is it's a match made in heaven. A trade of Jason Castro would have to follow (maybe in a trade for Sonny Gray or Zack Wheeler) but when there is an All Star catcher available. You get him. Realmuto is under contract for 2 more years. Who is going to be our catcher down the road. I like Garver but is he what you want on a contending team and Rortverdt, Jeffers, and Banuelos are not something to put your money on. I hope I'm wrong but they're not. If I was Levine/Falvey I call the Marlins ASAP and say everyone is on the table minus Lewis and Kirilloff. Take your pick. And I could be persuaded to include Kirilloff if we get Castro and Realmuto in the deal.)

Prediction: Brusdar Graterol, Wander Javier, and Akil Badoo for J.T. Realmuto
Alex Kirilloff, Lamonte Wade, John Curtiss, and Tyler Jay for Starlin Castro and J.T. Realmuto.

As I stated earlier trades are hard for me to make in the off-season as a FO knowing that you have to give up player capitol when you're sitting on a ton of cash for free agents but these players are worth trading unproven players for and would undeniably make us better in 2019 and beyond. They will also fill holes in many places that will hopefully be filled by our own remaining prospects eventually.

Thanks for reading and as always leave a comment because I love to read and reply to them. It's part of why I do this.

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Good article and interesting moves.I would put Kirilloff on my "no touch" list and I would much rather move Kepler than Rosario, if I had to choose between the two of them.