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Game Thread 5/22/18 7:10 CDT Twins vs Tigers

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 06:31 PM
The Almost Right Stuff     I like learning new stuff. Apparently that’s not normal. My wife can attest to the fact that I’m not...

Article: End of the Road for Phil Hughes and the Twins

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 06:27 PM
He gave it his all. No one could deny that Phil Hughes did everything in his power to battle through major health woes in efforts to prov...

Twins Acquire Chris Carter

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 06:15 PM
https://www.mlbtrade...ris-carter.html Should this be interpreted as bad news on Mauer?

Article: The Evolution of Jose Berrios

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 06:12 PM
La Makina – The Machine. Jose Berrios’ moniker is best applied to his work rate. Follow Berrios on social media in the off-season and you...

Caption This: Rosario's game-ending catch

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 05:59 PM
 Courtesy of the great Carlos Gonzalez, Star Tribune:

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The Other Guys

Posted by minnesotassa , 03 October 2017 · 715 views
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Community Blog Post
Originally Written by: Zane Douglas at mnssa.blogspot.com

The Minnesota Twins have a solid list of prospects, but the bunch looks weak compared to the Byron Buxton, Miguel Sano, and Jose Berrios days. If you were to look at any of the current guys at the top of the Twins prospect list right now, you might see names like Nick Gordon, Royce Lewis, or Step...