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Game Thread Twins @ Astros, 7:10pm CDT 4/22/2019 ad

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 08:44 PM
Minnesota: "Houston, we have a problem"Houston: "Oh, you mean you are visiting an Astros team with an undefeated homerecord? We don't see...

Article: Week in Review: Bounceback in Baltimore

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 08:33 PM
After being given the business at home by Toronto, the Minnesota Twins hit the road and handled their business, sweeping a bad Orioles te...


Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 08:19 PM
Opinions on Gio Gonzalez? My thoughts are a lefty free agent who wouldn't cost a draft choice is something to look into. He wouldn't cost...

So....Time to make a call to Kimbrel?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 08:11 PM
I know it’s being discussed in the game thread but figured why not give it one of its own. Prety sure there haven’t been any prior thread...

Article: Can Ryne Harper Continue His Early-Season Success?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 08:00 PM
Ryne Harper is not a traditional rookie. As a 30-year old, he took the long-road to the big leagues and he has made his presence felt so...

Musings from Twins Territory


2018 Breakout Candidate: Stephen Gonsalves

Posted by Matthew Lenz , 13 January 2018 · 2,119 views
stephen gonsalves and 2 more...
Community Blog Post
2018 Breakout Candidate: Stephen Gonsalves Not too long ago, Tom had the great idea for the bloggers to list their breakout candidate for 2018 in his Twins Weekly article. So I spent days...nay, hours...nay, minutes(!) scouring some of my favorite baseball resources looking for the dark horse breakout candidate that nobody would ever think of. Minutes (!!), looking for the dark horse breakout can...


Understanding the "Quality of Pitch" (QOP/QOPA/QOPV) Statistics

Posted by Matthew Lenz , 08 January 2018 · 1,958 views
quality of pitch (qop)
Community Blog Post
Understanding the "Quality of Pitch" (QOP/QOPA/QOPV) Statistics I've spent a lot of time over the last few days reading about a relatively new statistic called "quality of pitch" (QOP) , which assigns a numerical value to each pitch a pitcher throws. The values can then averaged together to come up with a pitchers average quality of pitch (QOPA) or you can look at a quality of pitch set of values (QOPV) as another too...


Mauer's Future

Posted by Matthew Lenz , 03 January 2018 · 2,908 views

Community Blog Post
Mauer's Future This article was originally posted back in January, but with Mauer's 2000th hit Tom wanted various Mauer articles. I haven't changed much, but have added more data to support my opinion. I'd also just like to mention that I did not change my opinion on a potential salary for 2019 and beyond despite his torrid start to the season.

It's no secret that Jo...