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  1. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Yes, I believe he should be indeed. I think he can succeed as an excellent setup man.
  2. Troy Larson's Avatar
    I'm just pointing out what's been going on with the Twins lately, so yes I'm stating the obvious.
  3. one_eyed_jack's Avatar
    That was directed at the author of the post, not your comment, but I appreciate your concern.
  4. TwinsFanLV's Avatar
    One Eye,

    Still worrying about your well being. Please take care of yourself. My point is that he Twins lack any toughness. I acknowledge that professional athletes occasionally fail on a physical level, but failing on a mental level is inexcusable.
  5. one_eyed_jack's Avatar
    Is there something is particuar you are responding to here, or do you just enjoy restating the obvious?
  6. TwinsFanLV's Avatar
    Excellent post. I have a greater expectation for Mauer to execute than I do, Plouffe, for example. I don't mind Capps getting beat by Ross. What I can't stand is how Twins pitchers routinely allow bitters to dig in without ever facing a pitch that makes them move their feet. Does "the Twins Way" include never knocking anybody down? Didn't somebody bit three home runs in a game against he Twins at Yankee Stadium and then do his post game interview in a pristinely clean uniform? How about forcing a batter to dust himself off, once in a while?
  7. twinstalker's Avatar
    As long as it doesn't hamper any positive moves, and as long as the Twins are willing to get rid of him at any time, this is okay. Get Revere the AAA time he needs. Unfortunately, the Twins, as usual, cannot be counted on for understanding this, and we already have our first indication they might think a 28 yr old with mediocre minor league stats is actually viable:

    "I'm not surprised it was the Twins," Leyland said. "Gardy (Twins' manager Ron Gardenhire) has always loved him."
    I'm sure Gardy recalls the one homer and two triples Thomas has hit against the Twins. The same way he recalled how difficult it was for Joe Mauer to hit Dusty Hughes. Revere gets to play everyday for now. Hopefully that's all this is about.
  8. Buddy14's Avatar
    Its hard to believe but they are set up to have an even worse April than they did last year. I really think this could be a long season.
  9. Teflon's Avatar
    Having this woman as your in-game reporter (Laura McKeeman- Tampa Bay Rays) instead of Robby Incmikowski would be a start.

    Updated 04-06-2012 at 05:54 PM by Teflon
  10. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Two words: Vin Scully.
  11. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    I'd agree with that, and based on last season, I was excited about the 2012 season about mid-September. But you're right, there are those times when that excitement comes up a little more. For me, it's the Twins Caravan and Twins Fest... the hardest part of the year for me is the two weeks from Twins Fest to spring training cuz I love spring training. And of corse, Opening Day is great!
  12. Thrylos's Avatar
    When Do Fans Get Excited For A New Baseball Season?

    Speaking of myself, as soon as the last out of the previous season is recorded.
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