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    I am not good at numbers, but both of those numbers posted looked reasonalble to me. September happened because this was the first year in 3 Morneau had played a full season. I do not think his trade value is that high execpt for a sarlary dump trade, take from Baltimore supports that premise. I support trading Parmalee as an addition to an outfieder to optain pitching value in return. Most teams looking to trade pitching are small market and cost adverse.
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    OK, I've got to work on proof reading. I just can't paste from Word.

    Did you support trading Justin Morneau before last season’s trade deadline?

    Yes. Especially if it would have meant getting Allen Webster, Rubby de la Rosa, and one year's salary savings. [And Yes, I play one year's salary savings both ways.]

    2. What do you think Morneau’s slash stats will be in 2013 if he plays half ofhis games at Target Field?

    Based on his 2012 numbers without June: .276/.349/.468/.817

    Phil Mackey thinks .279/.353/.496/.849. I was thinking something like that before last September. That would likely take some bounce back in his vs LHP split.

    Imagine what Morneau's line would be like if he played half of his games in Camden Yard or Rangers BPIA.

    3. What do you think Chris Parmelee’s slash stats will be in 2013 if he plays half of his games at Target Field as a regular?


    FWIW, Phil Mackey says .260/.338/.432/.770

    What do you do with Parmelee if Morneau is still a Twin?

    I assign him to Rochester. To me, he's unacceptable in OF. As is Willingham, when I have a perfectly good DH slot for him.

    5.Do you support trading Morneau this off-season? What would you expect to get in exchange?

    Yes. Because he's healthy now. I don't know if he will be healthy at the deadline. I think I would target Baltimore and Tampa Bay, but I don't pretend to be an expert on trade values.

    The Twins have two things Tampa Bay needs desparately. A legitimate 1B available and money so they can afford the 1B. Could they turn Morneau and $11M into Wade Davis, Ryan Roberts, and what?

    The Orioles have a surplus of pitching. They don't necessarily need the money because they are talking about pursuing Josh Hamilton -- how unlike Peter Angelos? Imagine though if they got Morneau for no $ cost -- just Jake Arietta. And maybe Brian Matusz.

    6. Do you support trading Morneau later – before the next trade deadline?

    The only reason for not trading Morneau if he is tradeable (not injured) is if the Twins are in contention. He might be worth a draft compensation pick, but then he would be worth a lot in trade.
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