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  1. John Bonnes's Avatar
    I did too. It's a shame it wasn't posted a while back. It's promotion worthy.
  2. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Good job! I liked the Gibson fun fact.
  3. TwinsTakes-RD's Avatar
    I forgot to post this back when I wrote it a couple weeks ago so better late than never, maybe? It's on here if anyone wants to read it and comment about it.
  4. TwinsTakes-RD's Avatar
    Nothing like blogging once a year! Geez! Get with it!
  5. TwinsTakes-RD's Avatar
    Thanks for commenting! You're the first one to comment on one of my blog posts! I'm glad somebody is reading them! Haha! Thanks again!
  6. TwinsTakes-RD's Avatar
    I somewhat agree. When you see Valencia in interviews or behind the scenes, he seems like a cocky player and comes off as he only cares about what he's doing and not the team. We've all heard he hasn't been great in the locker room either. The problem of course is who do we have to put over at third? There's not really anyone "ready" in the minors so do you put Plouffe over there or Carroll for the time being? I'm not sure I want Plouffe in the infield at all. I think Plouffe will be alright but he's playing with fire and needs to go on a tear or he might be DFA'd! I don't see why Plouffe can't turn into another Cuddyer on the field. He might not be the locker room leader that Cuddy is but on the field he should be very close to Cuddy if he improves his arm accuracy.
  7. rogrulz30's Avatar
    My favorite thing that the Twins did in the last 100 games I have seen them play is put Valencia in AAA, my least favorite player for the Twins in over 10 years. I think Plouffe will be a good player, we can't send him down. Valencia was a selfish ass!!
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