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  1. jokin's Avatar
    Josmil Pinto, who is in a cold-stretch, was moved down to 9th and posted a double. Jeff Clement also doubled.
    The official box score has Pinto at 2/4 with 2 doubles. Now batting .303.
  2. lightfoot789's Avatar
    The Kernels picked a bad day to bring thier "C" game. I read Terry Ryan was in Cedar Rapids tonight. Big night tomorrow to remain in first place. 1/2 game up I believe.
  3. SD Buhr's Avatar
    I agree that it's wise to keep a close eye on the pitchers and be cautious about increasing their workload too extremely from one season to the next.

    But I've never understood why the only pitches/innings that matter when people do these statistical comparisons are those thrown during the season. Did these guys play winter ball anywhere? Fall Instructs? What was their workout regimen in the off season? The guys in CR have two bullpen sessions between starts instead of one (because of the 6 man rotation). Don't those pitches count? Are these guys going to pitch anywhere this coming offseason?

    The only thing I know for certain is that I've been told one major reason for the 6 man rotation in CR is to better assure the pitchers can get through the entire season without having to be pulled from the rotation and put in the bullpen to keep their innings from getting too high.
  4. YourHouseIsMyHouse's Avatar
    As long as they're not hitting the wall, I'm ok with how they're handled. These guys want to play as much as they can and as long as the medical staff does their job the players should be fine. They just have to look for warning signs like decreasing velocity or complaints of soreness, or something along those lines. The season is long, but I often don't see too many pitchers throwing much more than 5 or 6 innings a start in the minors. It's right to be cautious with potential investments, but when you don't have to, let it play out. Eventually they're going to have to throw that many innings a season anyway. Perhaps it takes less than a few years to get to get to that workload.
  5. stringer bell's Avatar
    The Twins must bring back pitching, and really not command and control types. I have said repeatedly that Doumit can and should go. I think Devil Eyes is worth a hard-throwing relief prospect.
  6. jorgenswest's Avatar
    How about Doumit on the list?

    If they can't part with Willingham, they have to part with Doumit. Neither should be in the field regularly next year.
  7. clutterheart's Avatar
    Engelb Vielma for the GCL Twins seems kind of interesting. He just turned 19 and seems to be holding up well in the GCL. For now he is fast switching SS who looks to know how to take a walk....doesn't look to have much power but if he keeps his OBP% up he could grow into a lead off position.

    7 Ground outs for Rosario!
  8. lightfoot789's Avatar
    Walker had a great game tonight. On base all 5 times and scored the winning run in extras. He stole a base and scored both runs in the 2-1 decision. Brett Lee was fantastic and is another guy who puts his team in position to win most nights. I saw Walker on the news highlight and he showed some excellent speed on the Kernels winning run (wild pitch).
  9. Carneal&Gordon's Avatar
    I'm trying to get a read on who Jeremy "wants" the Twins to pick as a fan. He was the first to predict Stewart to the Twins so that may be an indication. I'm starting to convince myself to be pleased when they take McGuire at 4 and hopefully get a high value player in the 2nd round.
  10. AM.'s Avatar
    He gets my vote. I don't have one, however.
  11. clutterheart's Avatar
    Rock Cats have lost 8 in a Row!
    The season can get away from you fast. They need to put together a winning streak.
  12. stringer bell's Avatar
    Buxton has been terrific, but it is probably the correct move to keep him at Cedar Rapids at least until midseason. How many MiLB teams have won 30 games. I'm guessing there aren't many in affiliated baseball.
  13. johnnydakota's Avatar
    Thanks Jeremy, always enjoy your posts and work
  14. jorgenswest's Avatar
    Any insight on Polanco? Why 2B? Didn't he have a good reputation as a SS? Has he outgrown the position? Have they already decided he doesn't have the arm?

    I am concerned because it is rare for a Low A ball second baseman to progress to the majors. Romero's case might be a little different as the Twins move him the other way on the defensive spectrum.

    If the Twins project him as a major league utility player or starting middle infielder, he needs to be getting significant time at SS. At 19, he is too young to be exclusively a 2B.

    I know the Twins have Goodrum, Michael and Santana in front of him. Perhaps the hope was all three will take a step up during the year opening the spot in Cedar Rapids. Perhaps he is a poor defender and no longer seen as a major league middle infielder.
  15. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by clutterheart
    Too bad Colabello & Arcia both happen to play positions that the Twins are strongest at.
    Arcia can play right field.

    I mentioned awhile ago trading both Morneau and Parmelee, much like the Span and Revere trades. The return will be not as impressive, but it will still be significant (of course M & P have to be good this year). Colabello would be a placeholder for Sano or Harrison.
  16. Oldgoat_MN's Avatar
    Buxton is going in the tank. 1 for 4, so his average is down to .500.

    Hope he can find his swing.
  17. clutterheart's Avatar
    Too bad Colabello & Arcia both happen to play positions that the Twins are strongest at.
  18. Brad Swanson's Avatar
    This is an excellent list! I'm a big fan of Frazier. I know the Twins have a glut of outfielders, but that guy could be a huge star. I would also keep an eye on Jon Denney, the high school catcher from Oklahoma. Good catcher, good power. Could really move up draft boards if he has a big senior year.
  19. mnfanforlife's Avatar
    All I can say about Tim Wood....Good God! wtf man
  20. mnfanforlife's Avatar
    Juan Carlos is a liar, and he will always be a liar. True SS though
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