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  1. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Romero's addition doesn't come at Plouffe's expense, but would be to replace Kubel on the roster.

    Anyway, something's got to give since the draft is coming and also some ESTers are likely not going to stick around in E-Town for long before moving up.
  2. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    I was looking at statistics, not age, Seth. I should have noted Williams and Michael's injuries, but it still applies.

    Boyd has now thrown 130 innings for Cedar Rapids and is finding a niche as a reliever. Pushing him as a reliever one level soon doesn't seem to irrational.

    Ivory Thomas is really strange. His walk rate is astounding. I realize he hasn't hit anything, but his isolated discipline is .283! Anyway, I would be curious to see if that continues after a move. I wouldn't be all that serious about promoting him given the lack of hitting. Really strange statistics there.
  3. stringer bell's Avatar
    I certainly think Vargas should at least move up to Rochester. I don't see a position for Robinson on the Twins. Despite yesterday's tough game, Plouffe is better at all phases and is nearly the same age. I think Walker would benefit from more time in Ft. Myers, although I think he has a chance to be a decent player.
  4. lightfoot789's Avatar
    Colabello and Parmelee mess it up for Vargas, because he is another payer who has possibly earned a promotion.
  5. lightfoot789's Avatar
    I agree on there not being obvious choices this year. The only sure fire ones to me should be Ortiz; Tomshaw; Rodriguez and Oliveros. I also think that Murphy is worth keeping since he is argueably the next best defender in the outfield (range and arm) to Buxton.
  6. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    It looks like you're almost completely just looking at age when writing this. I think there are a few guys worthy of promotions, including:

    Mitch Garver, Todd Van Steensel, Matt Tomshaw, Danny Ortiz, Reynaldo Rodriguez, Lester Oliveros, and maybe Sean Gilmartin. I think Trevor May is close, and I believe in AJ Achter (though I don't think I'd call him up quite yet).

    I'm curious your thoughts on why some of these guys should be promoted, like Ivory Thomas or Hudson Boyd or a few others.

    Also, Brooks Raley was DFAd a month ago. JD Williams and Levi Michael are hurt.

    Jorge Polanco has slowed down. Adam Walker, I believe, still has a sub-.300 OBP, although he was improved in May.

    I do assume that there will be a few promotions following the MWL and FSL All-Star games, but it's definitely not like some years where there are a lot of obvious promotions coming up.
  7. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Thanks, Thrylos. I periodically correct myself, but then I revert back to A-. Maybe they should just standardize . . .
  8. Thrylos's Avatar
    Hard to argue with those choices... Good stuff. Keep it coming

    One little detail: Cedar Rapids is in an A league, not an A- league. A- leagues are leagues like the New York Penn Leagues that are short season leagues and an alternative to the higher Rookie Leagues, like the Appalachian. I know a lot of people call the Midwest League, "Low" A league to distinguish from the High A Florida State League, but it is totally inaccurate. It is A. Not Low A or A-
  9. howieramone's Avatar
    The injury occurred in 2009. He has since pitched 3 strong college seasons and was at one time projected to be a top 20 pick. Maybe his strikeout #'s caused him to drop to about where BA had him slotted. A 2nd round pick is a not a 1st round pick.
    Updated 11-11-2013 at 08:41 AM by howieramone
  10. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Puzzling how his strikeout numbers are so pedestrian. And always have been. Strikeouts matter. So does durability.
  11. howieramone's Avatar
    Ryan Eades is probably as close to a can't miss starting pitcher prospect as the Twins have. Top baseball prospect in Louisiana in 2008. Cape Cod pitcher of the year in 2011. Number 2 starter on one of the top college programs in 2012 and 2013. Both years he was behind a current or future first round draft choice. Due to a long college season and being a workhorse, he was essentially shut down after being drafted. He wasn't allowed to start and innings were limited. In comparison, Meyer never pitched an inning after being drafted. The Twins had him rated higher than any other 2nd round pick.
    Updated 11-10-2013 at 08:15 PM by howieramone
  12. YourHouseIsMyHouse's Avatar
    I can't agree with Rogers being lower than Cole Johnson or any of the other names on this. A left handed starter who's never had an ERA over 2.88. 6K/9 isn't the worst thing in the world and of course it's going to take a hard hit when you move to the rotation. 1.156 WHIP to go with his ERA. If Rogers is this low, then I'm not sure as to why Melotakis will likely 15+ spots higher . I mean his K/9 is 6.8 and everything else for him was worse than Rogers. Lower level, same age, shorter, worse WHIP, worse ERA. To me those guys are pretty close and to have that big a gap between them just comes off as crazy.
  13. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Number 58 here, Pat Dean, is who I maybe have in mind for Rogers' future. Dean's K rate fell dramatically when he hit Fort Myers. Still pretty serviceable, especially if Dean moves to the bullpen, but I am just not going to get all gung-ho about these kinds of pitchers in the system until they develop further.
  14. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    I find the dramatic K rate drop to be a sign of a problem for that low-90s fastball. I will be surprised if he remains a starting pitcher past 2014. As soon as the hits and homers come back, I would worry.
  15. MichiganTwins's Avatar
    I too am confused about your placement of Rogers. Why so low?
  16. lightfoot789's Avatar
    Truly surprised by your selection of Rogers at 63. He just gets results as a pitcher and is a Lefty who throws 90. Why so low on your list?
  17. jorgenswest's Avatar
    Nice angle.
  18. howieramone's Avatar
    Great idea Shane!
  19. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Yes, I am going to do this for pitchers, though I really only see Burton and Duensing as viable trade-bait. Given that there are no great or good starters to be dealt this year league-wide, MAYBE I will include Correia.

    DAM DC Twins Fans: well, I could go lower on these lists, if possible. The problem is that there seems to be basically zero Seth Stohs-esque writers for most teams. Prospect lists MIGHT go to 30, but I have had a hard time digging there. Anyway, given that Liriano was traded for TWO of this level type player, I don't think it is that crazy to make a claim for legitimate trade value here. These guys are NOT top prospects in the strictest sense of the term and teams are going to be willing to add major leaguers to fill holes. Plouffe to the Pirates, for instance, makes a bunch of sense. They need some more pop. Etc. etc.
  20. stringer bell's Avatar
    Good article. Obviously, not all of the tradable players will be moved. I do hope the Twins realize that their chances of contending are still remote. They are getting as many wins as they could hope for, but the pitching staff isn't good enough and they have holes in their everyday lineup.
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