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  1. texastwinsfan2013's Avatar
    my question is do Twins fans want him turned into a right fielder or flipped for pitching?
  2. beckmt's Avatar
    You cannot have too many good prospects. They can always be turned into talent for other positions.
  3. howieramone's Avatar
    Good job!
  4. lightfoot789's Avatar
    Don't forget Adam Brett Walker II - High Upside starting to come into play
  5. stringer bell's Avatar
    I agree that Rosario will get second base when he shows he is ready in the minors, probably sometime in 2014. I also concur that Dozier has the skills to be a major league average shortstop defensively. I think he could be slightly better than average offensively. It seemed to me that Dozier pressed when he was promoted in 2012 and it showed as much in his defense as in his at-bats. Hopefully, a season of relative success will allow Dozier to make the transition back to shortstop.
  6. beckmt's Avatar
    I am hoping for Rosario to be ready, maybe Dozier can return to SS. Twins are not scoring enough now as it is. We need hitting and players that can produce and not strikeout with men on base. Too many easy outs in the Twins lineup. This needs to be fixed.
    Article is very good. Rosario needs to be the 2nd baseman of the future and hopefully the future starts next April, if not then by the end of 2014.
  7. Brad Swanson's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Pius Jefferson
    Is there a comp with a longer track record than Chris Davis?
    Troy Glaus?
  8. Pius Jefferson's Avatar
    Is there a comp with a longer track record than Chris Davis?
  9. SpitefulRabbit617's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by jorgenswest
    He may benefit from a full year at the level. When he does hit the majors, it may take a few years of many strike outs before he really begins to pay off. It took Chris Davis a while.
    Ill take Chris Davis numbers, who cares if he takes a couple more seasons, no one will be complaining if he's battling for the 2015 Triple Crown. Maybe Miggy and Chris Davis tho.....
  10. jorgenswest's Avatar
    He probably needs around 200 plate appearances at AA to know if it is anything other than random variation. You would expect his strike out rate to go up some and then for him to adjust.

    He may benefit from a full year at the level. When he does hit the majors, it may take a few years of many strike outs before he really begins to pay off. It took Chris Davis a while.
  11. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    That is true. That would be a deadly combo in the back of the bullpen (makes me wish that we had that combo; just imagine how good our bullpen would be then!)
  12. blairpaul715's Avatar
    Just for comparison, here is my order. 1 Buxton 2 Sano 3 Stewart 4 Gibson 5 Meyer 6 Minier 7 Rosario 8 Berrios 9 Kepler 10 May 11 Polanco 12 Micheal Tonkin 13 Harrison 14 Vargas 15 Josmil Pinto 16 Wimmers 17 Danny Ortiz 18 Adam Brett Walker 19 Levi Micheal(still have hopes that injuries are behind him and he still will be a productive hitter) 20 Eades.
  13. blairpaul715's Avatar
    I think Tonkin and Pinto, also should be on the list probably in the 12-15 range. Others to consider close to that 20 range are Aderlin Mejia and Adam Brett Walker.
  14. blairpaul715's Avatar
    I like the comments, but I think you are a little optimistic about the timeline on when these guys will get called up or see major playing time at the top level. Like you , earlier I predicted that Buxton , if he keeps raking will see a Sept 2014 call up. But I don't see a Sano call up before Sept of 2014, I think both Buxton and Sano earliest call up is Sept of 2014. Rosario, I think 2015. I think , altho I like him, Travis Harrison is a little high, for being mostly a power only guy, with decent average potential. But we all have opinions and I respect everyones , so overall I like comparing mine ideas to others, so it was fun to read your prospectus
  15. texastwinsfan2013's Avatar
    Dungan- teams like Texas are looking for bullpen help always. I am not sure they could get Profar for Perkins, but Texas would be interested in Perkins if he became available because imagine a combo of Perkins and Nathan game over. Some teams would want to use Perkins as a setup guy and is only 30 years old while Nathan will be a free agent at 39 years old so they could be thinking ahead.
  16. Brandon's Avatar
    I like that I expect our #19 prospect Eades to be able to compete for a spot in the Twins rotation as a #3 starter upside guy in the next 2 years.....what does that say about our first 18 prospects?
  17. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    Anorthagen-They already have Joe Nathan to close. Why would they need Perkins?
  18. howieramone's Avatar
    I think Ryan will do the right thing and get us a starting pitcher, hopefully one who is major league ready. Plenty of innings to offer this season.
  19. beckmt's Avatar
    I feel the onbase machine Twins have in Nate Roberts has been missed because of injuries this year, but should be on the list. Wimmers is a little high because he has not pitched in a year. Off the top of my head, this list should be close. Nice to revisit at the end of the year.
  20. Anorthagen's Avatar
    If the Twins had the option of getting Jurickson Profar it would solve our short stop problem for many years and give us another option to go with Sano and Buxton. But I don't see the Rangers trading for a closer that doesn't want to leave Minnesota. And has only one full year of closing experience.
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