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  1. AScheib50's Avatar
    In Polanco's defense, the throw from Goodrum that he dropped was a little low. But no question it shoulda been caught. He just seemed to have a lack of concentration on a few plays that I would have preferred to see him make.

    On a positive note, Travis Harrison looked okay at third. He didn't have much action but he made the plays hit his way. I was pretty nervous on a harder hit ball to him but he scooped it up and made the throw in time to get the out. Funny watching him next to Hicks and Walker, they are both huge and their power makes sense, but Harrison is a normal lookin dude yet he's been showing great pop.
  2. birdwatcher's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing! I guess if Rosario can progress, Polanco might serve as a decent replacement for Jamie Carroll.
  3. kab21's Avatar
    Yours is obviously just a one game observation but I have read a few hints that there's a reason Polanco is at 2nd base and that reason isn't Goodrum. Disappointing but he's still one of my faves in the Twins org.
  4. Joe A. Preusser's Avatar
    I think this article makes an excellent point. When you have had success in the past you expect to win in the present and future. When you expect, or visualize, a result, you are much closer to actualizing it. This is basic human nature 101.

    I believe our minor league success will continue up to the majors just like it did in the late 90s. When those assets start having major league success, the FO will assess any glaring holes and, then we will fill those holes in free agency. That is the correct, ficsally responsibile way to build a championship caliber baseball team. Not throwing money at a dartboard on the wall every offseason and seeing what sticks.
  5. old nurse's Avatar
    I think winning comes from performance. Over the time of a baseball season talent will win. If you have enough talent you will win.
  6. AScheib50's Avatar
    I was less worried about the Twins winning this year necessarily, but more looking for the correlation between winning throughout the minors and whether it can carry over to the big leagues.

    I definitely understand your frustration about the payroll and the losing over the last two years. But I definitely don't think them spending money is the answer to winning in the near future. I also don't think the payroll decreasing is a direct reason for the team's failures.

    I just look at how many wins guys like Hunter, AJ, Jones, Guzman etc. racked up in the minors and think the same scenario is playing out in front of our eyes.

    Obviously the years of winning and higher draft picks and less than great drafts has had its effect on the Twins. Plouffe, Parmalee, Revere, Hicks...all these guys came up through the minors on some pretty bad teams. A few years they produced winning records but there were some pretty bad overall records in there. And I wonder if that plays a role, however small, in the way the big league team turns out.

    The core group of minor leaguers the Twins have in A and low A ball is stacked...beyond Sano and Buxton. And I think they will keep winning on their paths to the Twin Cities.
  7. Brodin4Calder's Avatar
    Of course a team cant win without a winning attitude. The Wild were trying to build a winning attitude this year because they havent won in so long, by bringing in guys like Parise and Suter it helped turn the attitude from losers to winniners.

    The Twins are in a whole different boat. The Wild went out and got 3 annual all stars in Parise, Suter and Pominville this year and by doing so they had the highest payroll in the NHL. The Twins cant do that, the owner showed he doesnt want to spend money by cutting 40+ million the last 2 offseasons. Dont forget the Twins had a winning attitude up until 2010 when they won the division. The next season was followed by injuries which led to a horrible season, after that season the Twins cut a bunch of our best players and by doing so it led to another 60 win season. Now in the last off season the Twins cut the payroll another 20+ million which included getting rid of 2 of the Twins best players Span and Revere. I get why they traded them Especialy the Span trade where the Twins got Meyer because hes gonna be a great pitcher, I dont really like the Revere trade because Worley is a joke but May could be good.

    Yes the Twins are winning more this year but I believe thats because Morneau is looking like himself, Corriea has been great and the Bullpen has been awesome. How long will those final 2 keep up? Unless the Twins start spending money they will never be a consistent winning team. The only playoff baseball I see the Twins playing is if Sano, Buxton, Meyer and Gibson can all come up and play like all stars on rookie contracts.
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