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  1. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    And this has shrunk; According to MLBTR, the Angels have traded for Greinke. This really seems to leave Shields, Dempster (because it seems like his deal with the Dodgers ain't goin to get done), Josh Johnson, and Frankie as the top pitchers on the market. Also, it takes away a team that was supposedly really interested in acquiring Liriano.
  2. mike wants wins's Avatar
    So are the teams that want to trade something legit for a pitcher....
  3. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    I knew I forgot one.

    If Billy Beane is still anything like what he was in Moneyball, it would be an interesting conversation with him and Terry Ryan.
  4. John Bonnes's Avatar
    James Shields. I don't think you mentioned James Shields.

    That throw-in of the A's at the bottom was interesting. I can see Billy Beane getting aggressive and going for Frankie, especially if he thinks the rest of the market is afraid of him. They might be worth a team profile story.
  5. John Bonnes's Avatar

    For future reference, this probably would get a lot more feedback if it was posted in the forum instead of in a blog.

  6. mbents's Avatar


    I still have some questions after reading these articles, but the 10 teams with the lowest payroll and the 10 smallest-market teams are eligible, and the Venn diagram of that gives you the 13 teams that were eligible this year. The odds of getting a pick are weighted in favor of those teams with more losses.

    One very interesting thing is these picks can be traded. I'm eager to see how many of these picks get included in trades.
  7. IdahoPilgrim's Avatar
    I remember a number of posters who wanted us to take Gausman instead of Buxton.

    Sounds like we made the right choice.
  8. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    James, I am not sure that the Orioles would get the pick with the new rules that are in play with the CBA, but don't trust me on that.
  9. James's Avatar
    It sounds like Appel is looking for cash, and Gausman wants to leave his mark on his college. I guess I can't blame Gausman for that part.

    You forgot to mention that even with the 6th worst record, the Twins would be picking 7th in draft as Baltimore would get a compensation pick immediately after the pick they lost (I assume that is still the case in the top 10 picks, but they are protected, so I'm not really sure how that works).

    Next year's draft class is supposed to be much deeper, so even if the Twins don't end up with either of these guys, they very well could end up with someone of a similar caliber. But who knows, they could both go back to college and wear down their arms so much that they end up being useless.
  10. mike wants wins's Avatar
    Assuming neither is injured, I think KLAW has already said they are the top 2 prospects for next year, given what we know right now. That is very subject to change, as someone will step up, but both of these guys would be at or near the top.

    That said, they will be college seniors, and have no leverage. At this point, it is between taking real money now, or going to school and losing a year of income (and maybe making more, and maybe making less).
  11. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    I think he will, especially with these new restrictions on signing bonuses
  12. Fire Dan Gladden's Avatar
    Anybody else think that Boras may have trouble getting draft signees in his stable if Appel doesn't sign?
  13. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Capps and Doumit are almost certainly traded at the deadline.

    Hopefully Pavano and Liriano can be too (but they might both just be not signed instead).

    I hope Jared Burton has a market at the deadline too. Not sure if he will, but the Twins getting something back for him would be nice.

    We'll see about trading Valencia for something as well.

    I think Diamond will stick at the back end. And Gibson is on pace to pitch this season yet, so there is no reason that at least by June next year, he isn't in the rotation. Maybe Walters fills in during that time. A Dempster-Hendriks-Diamond-Gibson-Bromberg rotation might be what we are looking at by this time next year. A Bedard addition would be nice in there.

    Hopefully the madness around Slama will stop and he is inserted AS SOON AS HE IS OFF THE DL this year. I would prefer a bullpen of Manship-Burnett (though he could be optioned next year if he isn't this year)-Duensing-Guerra-Slama-Perkins-Oliveros (get the walks down!).

    Chris Herrmann and Pedro Florimon might be up as well.
  14. SweetOne69's Avatar
    Unless Slama is added to the 40-man this year (which may happen) he will leave after this season. He can become a minor league FA after this season and I think that he will leave to go to a team that will actually give him an opportunity to pitch in the majors.
  15. stringer bell's Avatar
    Why would a 31 year old catcher want to play for a rebuilding team? I think the Twins market Doumit and they trade him at the deadline. I doubt he will be back if he is any kind of productive and stays healthy. Liriano and Pavano are both free agents--unless they sign for dirt, they aren't returning to the Twins. Liriano, with a couple more good starts, just might have some trade value. If so, pull the trigger TR!

    I think Span is a goner as well. Both he and Capps should be able to bring back talent that can contribute in 2013.
  16. Chance's Avatar
    In my blog I have Gibson in the rotation which he will be. I also had us signing dempster and bedard. They are players that will be cheap enough and will sign 2-3 year deals. With those three along with diamond and Hendriks with Walters next in will be a major difference to the start of the season.

    When you take liriano Pavano baker and marquis contracts off the books that will be enough to extend diamond Walters and Hendriks while also paying for one of the FA starters and a chunk of the others. They will be able to afford it.

    I also mentioned in mine that they won't really sign any bats because they have enough where they feel like they can compete. I believe we can with what we got for bats.

    Another thing to keep in mind was how difficult the schedule was to start the year. If the twins keep winning series they will be contenders for the division and at the trade deadline they could get dempster which would make it easier to sign him next season.
  17. mnfireman's Avatar
    The team has 8 signed players, 2 players with options, 4 arbitration eligible players & 3 free agents. Barring any trades this season, declining the 2 options (Baker & Capps), and offering arbitration to the 4 eligibles, they have 12 players at roughly $83M. If they fill with pre-arb players from the system, they are sitting at roughly $92.5M. The point of this is that payroll needs to go up or we watch Losing v.3.0, only without Pavano, Capps, Doumit, & Liriano
  18. Thrylos's Avatar
    Here is the thing: This is too similar to 2012. And they are on pace to lose 96 games. How many more games would that roster (i.e. the 2 FA SPs win?) 30? Because that is the magic number to be competitive.
  19. twinsfanstreif's Avatar
    *pitchers not pitches
  20. twinsfanstreif's Avatar
    You have to expect diamond and Walters to come back down to earth, even if just a little bit. but diamond(much less anyone) can't be expected to keep up the rediculous stats that he's posted. Walters may be a good find but he's just not as good as he's showed, he will definately settle into more of a back of the rotation type. I want to believe in these guys but in reality the rotation you posted is a bunch of #4 starters and the only FA pitches that are above a #3 are gonna be way too expensive for us and we don't usually roll like that. You can put a tux on poo but it's still poo. You can't expect a fan base to buy into that rotation.
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