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  1. gil4's Avatar
    My random thoughts on the subject:

    1. The line is bluring between blogger and professional journalist. Which one is Gleeman? He still has his blog, but he is also on NBC Sports. How about Seth or the Bonnes? Both blog here, but both are also regularly on the Star-Trib site as well.

    2. A big difference used to be access - bloggers rarely had first-hand sources because they weren't in the locker room and didn't have the numbers of the GM or some of the coaches or players. That is changing because some of the bloggers have been at it for a long time and have built up contacts. Twitter has also provided first-hand sources for the world, or for those in the world who care enough to sift through the mountains of crap to find something interesting.

    3. The quality of writing on the blogs had improved, or possibly the number of quality writers who blog has increased. There might still be the same amount of slop, or even the same percentage of slop, out there. But there is definitely quality content t be found. At the same time, the quality writing from the traditional journalists has declined. This is not a knock on them, just an observation that the expectations have changed. The 24-hr news cycle has tightened deadlines, and the electronic media has increased the demand for content because nobody is limited to a certain number of printed pages anymore. The focus has shiftged further toward quantity of timely content, rather than quality of writing. I would guess that the average journalist publishes more material that previous generations.

    4. There will always be tension between the bloggers and the traditional journalists. Part of that is because the journalists are in a no-win position in dealing with them. If criticism from a blogger is valid (Souhan), then their reputations and even their jobs could be endangered. If the criticism is unfair, there is no way an editor will allow tha journalist to respond to a "Mr Horrorpants" in print. The most they will be able to do is lash out against bloggers in general.

    5. The blogger and the journalist write for different but overlapping audiences, and both sides are trying expand the overlap. There will still be content on the blogs that won't fit in the mainstream media format (especially some of the technical analysis), and there will still be the crossover of talent between the two.
  2. shawntheroad's Avatar
    nice work blogger.
  3. Axel Kohagen's Avatar
    I agree those players still have potential. I just don't think the Twins can afford to wait on them.
  4. Thrylos's Avatar
    "Players like Luke Hughes, Alex Burnett, Drew Butera, and Jeff Manship have been in the league long enough to evaluate"

    Other than Butera, I beg to disagree. Hughes and Manship only spent parts of 2 seasons and been plagued with injuries and Burnett is 24 and really needs to develop yet. If a player is in his prime, then you can evaluate.
  5. gil4's Avatar
    1. Mine was Revere too (must be a USAF thing) with Diet Coke.

    2. I like being a homer and an optimist. Even in late August last year I thought we could possibly get back in the race if we just went on a run and won 10 in a row.

    3. I told Revere that I'm realistic on him - he's probably just a 4th outfielder/defensive sub. "But did you see that catch Benson made yesterday? He's got some pop in his bat, too. We just need Mauer, Morneau, and Span to stay healthy, Baker's elbow to settle down, Liriano to straighten out his head, and this will be the year we finally take down the Yankees."
  6. John Bonnes's Avatar
    Coulda been worse. It coulda been a collage. Baker's elbow, Morneau's wrist, Denard's neck, Butera's bat and Mauer's sacroiliac.

    (And yes, this gratuitous comment was added purely so I could type the words "Mauer's sacroiliac." Twice.)
  7. USAFChief's Avatar
    Odd, I had much the same experience. Only I was visited by Ghost-of-Seasons-Future-Ben-Revere, and it was a Coke, not a Diet Mt Dew.
  8. perkins7's Avatar
    This is so spectacular. Also of note is the lack of desire by General Ryan to revamp "Defensive Efforts" through mercenary reinforcements when those reinforcements were extremely cheap and signing one year deals for mere 2-3 millions of dollars. Woe is us come 8th innings to be!
  9. Twins Fan From Afar's Avatar
    Love it.
    I think you would be remiss not to mention Drew Butera's bout with rehumatic fever, though.
  10. dave_dw's Avatar
    If only the Twins had Ryan Doumit while playing indoors...Metro-Doumit.
  11. JB_Iowa's Avatar
    Enough to make me laugh out loud. Thanks guys.
  12. Axel Kohagen's Avatar
    More likely that than seeing it get washed down the Rivera.
  13. Thrylos's Avatar
    So you think that the But-era will end by the Twins throwing in (the) Towles?
  14. Axel Kohagen's Avatar
    Where do I have the drinks delivered, on nights when Baker is starting? I'm a desperate man.
  15. Axel Kohagen's Avatar
    I wholly support this forum. Especially since I fear it's going to be nothing but Party Rockin' in Target Field this year, when LMFAO'S "Sexy and I Know It" is a superior song that would lead to some of the greatest jumbotron dance moments the Midwest has ever seen.
  16. John Bonnes's Avatar
    I was at that game with Nick Nelson, which I think is the first time we had ever really hung out. We were in the right field bleachers and started drinking Red Bull & vodka in the early inning, which I never do. And as the game went on, we felt we needed to continue, because we didn't want to jinx it. So that might be your answer - more Red Bull & vodka for Nick & I.
  17. John Bonnes's Avatar
    I just think Target Field would be a more exciting place if they banned all music that sounded like it came from a CD titled "Mellow Midwestern Moments," and had Joe Mauer nodding politely on the cover.
    That is an awesome line.

    I would love, when the season really starts, to have a forum thread devoted to this topic where we identify the songs and add our comments. I'll admit, this is often a topic among my friends and I in the stands.
  18. Thrylos's Avatar
    "Drew Butera - "The Show Goes On" by Lupe Fiasco"

    Oh the irony on this one... Starting from "the show goes on" despite how he bads and ending with the last name of the artist... Fiasco...
  19. TCBurgerGuy's Avatar
    I always thought "Welcome Home" by Coheed & Cambria would make a bad-ass walk up song.
  20. Steer's Avatar
    I think winning takes care of alot of problems. Winning will cover problem areas until there is too many to cover and and it snowballs. Did this happen last year? An avalanche for sure!

    Lets see if Gardy can do as your article suggests.
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