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  1. beckmt's Avatar
    And well it could be. I noticed that most of the Twins wins came late against pitching that was not expected to(and did not make) the major league roster. Hope it can change, not counting on it.
  2. blindeke's Avatar
    Yikes. This is grim.
  3. Danchat's Avatar
    I kinda forgot Jason Kubel, even though I don't think he'll last long.

    DH/OF Jason Kubel 2013: .216/.293/5
    Prediction for 2014: .198/.281/4

    Last year was bad for Kubel, but at least his final season will be with Minnesota. I don't think he'll bat well, especially in Target Field, a pitcher's favorite. Good luck hitting HRs here, Kubel.
  4. orangevening's Avatar
    If the Pirates got their hands on this guy, they could make him better than Liriano right now....
    Ok, I understand Liriano and I know Burrent improved, but what is up with the man-love for the Pirates pitching coach? People were gushing about Rick Anderson in 2002-2003. Liriano was good here at times too. Another coach could of figured out Liriano's mechanical issue too. Maybe it is Searage's personality clicked with Lirano. He has had a similar playing career and coaching career as own Rick Anderson
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