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    The sad thing is that there will always be a solid segment of the population that wants to believe that natural variation/noise in their favor is actually truth. Mastroianni has batted well in the minor as a much older player, much like Dozier. However...

    Dozier has done it as a pretty good middle infielder. Mastroianni has played a grand total of seven minor league games at 2B after his first season (five years). DM's hitting at the high minors, after posting a .390 obp as a 24 yr old in AA in 2010 (Dozier-like), has actually be mediocre since, or worse if you adjust his .276/.358/.389 for playing in Las Vegas, the easiest park to hit in. Even this year his minor league numbers were .283/.341/.345.

    How people expect this guy to be even that good at the MLB level is beyond me. Because he hustles and had a good game? The Twins will try to hype anything and everything they can, so I imagine a lot of people get influenced by TV and such. He wasn't good enough to play 2B in the Toronto minor league system, he hasn't hit well enough to deserve anything

    Yet people are crossing their fingers and hoping for a miracle. When an older non-top prospect destroys AAA for a period of time, such as the recent examples of Span (2008), Plouffe (2011), and Parmelee (2012), then he's ready for a true shot at MLB. Or when an age-appropriate player proves he can hit AAA decently (hopefully Hicks next year), then he deserves a true shot.
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    His OPS of .775 is the 6th best on the team, as you can see here.
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    Of course you can steal first. They are called infield singles.
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    Dreamer. We are at least one SP (front of rotation) away, and 1 more bat somewhere in the lineup.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Top Gun
    How stupid can you be?
    Well I guess I dont know, I would think a little stupid, maybe major stupid, but I assume your comment is based on your profound grasp of the talent we have, obviously you understand that a reliever can NEVER start....(hold on laughing attack) But I am curious what you would do, Butera?
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    How stupid can you be?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Willihammer
    Who should start instead?
    does it matter?

    How about Perdomo?
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    Who should start instead?
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    I would also skip his start before the deadline. They could pull him an hour or 2 before his start and pull a little lie saying they are close to a deal with unnamed team and when he is not traded they could just say they backed out of deal since the acquiring team balked at the additional player added to trade.
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