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  1. JB_Iowa's Avatar
    Thanks for the analysis.

    For me this all comes down to the Twins signing 3 pitchers with potentially higher up-sides than they've signed in the past. Will all 3 work out? I have no idea. Would it be a disaster if one of the three didn't? No. Obviously it will hurt more financially if Nolasco or Hughes fails than if Pelfrey fails but the failure of any one of them wouldn't kill this team financially (they are still at 2013 levels and haven't spent any of the new TV money OR moved back to what we believe was 50%-52% of revenues even without the TV money).

    In the long run, this is part of what I was hoping for from the Twins. That Terry Ryan would show that he was willing to risk a little more to get some guys who might have a higher payoff rather than always just dumpster divining.

    I see this as a step -- not a leap but a nice step in moving to being a successful mid-market team. And someday I hope that success with these smaller steps may pay off in a willingness to take a leap in the free agent market or in buying out arbitration years, etc.

    I'd also like to see some additional action on position players either through FA or trade. I hope TR's phone is working hard.
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    I'm a believer and like the risk vs reward for the Twins. Most seem to think he will not improve much and obviously other teams had there concerns so they could be right. I just feel optimistic that he is going to pitch well this year.
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    Fun comments. Here are some replies:

    - I have seen Santana play this season several times. I think that his ceiling is a utility player in the majors, thus the ranking. I am pretty certain that Polanco will be given every opportunity to make it at SS and he can make it

    - Ibarra? Career FIP 4+ in the minors does not a top 40 prospect make, regardless of inclusion on the 40-man roster.

    - I still have not bought in on Thorpe (or Sulbaran who is absent from this list) hype. I want to see more.

    - Romero dominated AA last season (.355/.429/.710). He has been putting close to .800 OPS every season the last 3 in AA and AAA and his isoP has been more than .155 each of those seasons.

    - There is no comparison between DJ Hicks and Kennys Vargas. Vargas is much further along and has much more raw power. People might drool about Sano's power, but people who actually watched them both in Fort Myers, know that Vargas has more power than Sano. Vargas is 4 months younger than Hicks, is a switch hitter, and in his half season in Beloit (2012) hit .318/.419/.610 (that's close to .300 isoP) while Hicks hit .297/.355/.494 in his half season in Cedar Rapids (2013). I like Hicks a lot, but he is not close to Vargas who might actually be MLB ready in 2015. There is a projection out there that has him hitting .233/.292/.421 24 HRs as a major leaguer now. Those are Plouffe/Willingham numbers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrylos
    This is a very deep system. 16-18 would be top 10 in most systems.

    Pretty much everyone ranked higher than Walker is a better prospect as far as I am concerned right now. He is a power guy, but .319 OBP in A after .316 OPB in E-town drags him down. Again, 17th is not that bad in this system.
    Walker at 17th is bad in any system. You put a "TOPPS" League MVP at 17th. He was clearly the best thing in Cedar Rapids after Buxton last year. How often have you actually watched this kid play? Still hard to justify these choices in my mind.
    Kepler: .254 BABIP / .312 OBP / .424 SLG% / 16% K Rate
    Harrison: .316 BABIP / .366 OBP / .416 SLG% / 23% K Rate
    Walker: .304 BABIP / .319 OBP / .526 SLG% / 20% K Rate

    With these guys being roughly 1 year apart in age - What makes Walker's flaws that much more glaring?
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    I could definitely debate a lot of these, but the one I am going to bring up is Gonsalves at 10 and Thorpe at 18. I like Gonsalves quite a bit, probably top 15, but at this point they've got very similar repertoires, and Thorpe has shown a much better ability to control it. Gonsalves got a touch of experience at a slightly higher level, but is also a year older, and has less of a track record in pro ball right now.
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    Danny Santana - 30? After the season, I got really high on him. I have soured a bit as I think about his weaknesses, but 30 seems low. He needs to be better at getting onbase and way too many SO, but his bat looks capable as shown by a .297/ .333 /.386 and has +SS tools if he can put it together.

    He looks to be the best internal hope for SS competency in the next 2 - 3 seasons and I expect him to be on the MLB team sometime this year - barring injury

    I would've put Eades in Santana's spot - (way too many unknowns about Easdes right now to be 11th in a system like this) and put Santana somewhere around 15 or so.

    But fun list, thanks for sharing.
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    You have a fun list. Exact rankings probably don't matter, and I haven't seen any of these guys play like you have, but Vargas seems pretty high. I would think him and D. J. Hicks are about the same till they get to AA. I expect at least one of them will have a lot of trouble with advanced pitching. I like Polanco too, but I wonder if he really will end up at short. It sounds like both Santana and Goodrum have better shortstop tools. It is just wether either can develop them and hit enough.

    I like the fact you have different young pitchers than others that do these lists. I consider that a good thing. If the Twins really have that many young pitchers that merit some consideration, well maybe some them will develop into something good. It is a lot better than a few years ago when the only young pitcher getting much steam was Salcedo.(other than high draft choices)

    Thanks for your list. I still don't think Deb Romero belongs, he has never dominated any level and even at AAA now, the numbers are not that good. I don't see another Casey Blake here. And yes, I am ribbing you a bit.
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    Next year is Jorge's age 20 season
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    I've only seen reports on the FB at 91-93 or 92-94, touching higher. Never saw a 98 thrown out there. That would be awesome.
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    Full disclosure: I have not seen Eades pitch yet. What I like about him:

    - plus to plus plus 95 mph FB that gets up to 98 and 3 average to above average secondary pitches.
    - very durable starter in College.
    - mid rotation projection as is.

    At this point, right after he was drafted, he is probably better than what Wimmers was and close to what Gibson was when he was drafted. If he develops one more out pitch, watch out. I could have potentially ranked him even higher, but I got to see him (and the other players in his draft class) play a bit.
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    Great stuff, overall. Interesting as well. I am done with 11-20, but haven't posted it yet. I do not get the hot love for Ryan Eades right now. I guess I might just be way wrong.
  13. ericchri's Avatar
    I like it. I've been following your lists all along, and not necessarily agreeing everywhere doesn't change my admiration for the effort you put into this.

    I'll admit to having had a bit of curiosity if you would indeed put Sano first, as all along you seemed to have been evaluating a little differently than the common thinking appears to have been. I'll also admit to a bit of agreement on Sano in that if he truly meets his potential, he could definitely be an amazing player, in a way the Buxton hype-machine seems to have almost pushed by the wayside. Sano is the #3 overall prospect on many lists, and while Buxton might be #1, Sano has the potential to be just as game-changing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lonestar
    Wow. Thorpe at 18, Walker at 17, Kepler at 16. Radically different than most lists. It will be interesting to see who you have in front of them.
    This is a very deep system. 16-18 would be top 10 in most systems.

    I have not bought into the Thorpe mania based on 44 innings facing kids who grabbed a wood bat for the first time in their lives. Give him another successful season at higher levels and then he might get higher. This is just a very deep system.

    Kepler has really regressed. Could be injury or something, but I am trying to be cautious. I'd like to see success above the rookie leagues. .237/.312/.424, in his 4th pro season, in A ball, makes it hard for me to rank him much higher. Arguably, if not for the tools, he would not even be that high.

    Pretty much everyone ranked higher than Walker is a better prospect as far as I am concerned right now. He is a power guy, but .319 OBP in A after .316 OPB in E-town drags him down. Again, 17th is not that bad in this system.
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    Wow. Thorpe at 18, Walker at 17, Kepler at 16. Radically different than most lists. It will be interesting to see who you have in front of them.
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    If [ZachJones] simplifies his delivery, improves his control and develops a third pitch (change?) he is an All-star closer material.
    If he does those things, he's a front line starter assuming he can handle the innings.
    All he needs to do is improve his control. That might require simplifying his delivery, but I wouldn't want to take away from the plus things he has.
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    Thanks. Totally agree, it is about the players and not the rankings.

    As far a Deibi Romero goes, I did clarify that a lot of people might think that he is too old and does not belong in any prospect lists. It was a gut call because he will be knocking the majors' door this Spring and would had last Spring other than the fire and the paperwork situation. My cut off is whether someone has made it to the majors. If not, he can be in my list.

    I bet there are lists out there with Albers, Pressly, Thielber. All the same age as Romero. I have either seen Colabello, who is 2 years older in a list. Just calls, but they are have the same goal in my mind: celebrating the players and learning a little bit about them, especially the ones lesser known, like Romero.
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    I am enjoying your list, so far. You make some interesting comments on the guys you have chosen. I don't place much value on the actual rankings on these lists, but I enjoy the facts about them and who appears on the lists and who is left off.

    I think some of your young pitchers are so far away that being on your list is interesting only in I didn't really know anything about them before. I also don't know why Deibison Romero is on your list, I would think he is largely a non-prospect at this point. Still, a fun list. Be interesting to see what you do with the last 15.
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    I am withholding judgement on Turner until I see him this coming Spring Training. If you ask BA, they will tell you that Herrmann is the number one defensive catcher it this point. I am sure that this is the case and I do like Herrmann and his versatility a lot especially if he makes better contact in the majors. Koch is a catcher period, much like Pinto, and looks and works like a catcher. These days Danny Rohlfing should be in the depth discussion as well, but he has contact issues and game calling issues, but has some pop and can play OF. Kyle Knudson very much the same.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thrylos
    I have seen Koch make Pinto-like improvements in his game 2 seasons in a row.

    Koch can play in the majors right now with no worse production than Butera. Very very consistent and solid in every aspect of the game. Is he starting material right now? No. Can he be in 2 seasons? Probably, depending on how things go. If he goes up to New Britain and has another .750-.800 OPS season with double digits in HRs and 30+ doubles (which is totally reasonable for him, based on his history), eyes will open. Still not ranked as high as Herrmann was in some lists as a prospect and I think that Koch has at least the same potential, if not a bit more, because he is much more consistent...
    Since you were the first to predict big things for Pinto, I have to ask some questions about Koch and the Twins minor league Catcher situation, in general. How does he compare defensively to the rest of the "kiddie corps" catching prospects? IE, Is Turner the #1-rated defensive Catcher at this point? And if so, where would Koch rate? His hitting numbers seem to be better than Hermann at the same point of development, can he eventually eclipse Hermann on the Twins depth chart and be the capable backup to Pinto long-term?
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