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  1. greengoblinrulz's Avatar
    6-16 isnt the right stat as they lost 5 of the next 6....since starting 7-21, they 28-24, which is a .538 winning percentage---same as the White Sox (who everyone says is a below average team).

    Another fun stat....Texas leads the major leagues with a .617 winning %.
    If the Twins, with 82gms left, play at that pace....they finish with 86-76 record. As bad as CHI has been to lead the division, if they play ONLY this bad in 2nd half, they also finish with 86 wins.
    Winning the division is out of question IMO.
    Updated 07-04-2012 at 02:01 PM by greengoblinrulz
  2. birdwatcher's Avatar
    Twins, please please PLEASE be sellers. ALWAYS be sellers, but only sell when you will be overpaid.
  3. glunn's Avatar
    I just hope that this does not turn out like last year. It would be a shame to miss out on good trades due to a false hope for contending. And while making the playoffs would be wonderful, the chances of actually winning a playoff series seem remote

    Also, if the Cubs are willing to eat most of Soriano's contract, it seems likely that they will want a major prospect in return. I would bet that the Yankees or someone else would outbid the Twins on this.
  4. J-Dog Dungan's Avatar
    I agree with what was said on the airwaves after the postgame show today was over; the Twins have until the All-Star Break to show whether we should be buyers or sellers. After seeing the game today, I am thinking sellers, but the Twins could prove me wrong if they keep winning series.
  5. Brandon's Avatar
    [QUOTE=Seth Stohs;bt2630]Thankfully the team doens't have to make that decision for another month! Too early to call which is saying something cuz most of us, myself included, were ready to trade off 6 weeks ago

    I was too. But then I noticed that Plouffe, Revere, Diamond and a lesser extend Walters has fixed or lowered our number of issues to resolve to contend down to 2 solid starting pitchers (not necessarily great ones but ones who can keep their era around 4.00 and give the team a chance to win) and a Hitter. I think if we can get that for our team then we can contend now. If we wait. It'll be too late. Cause we do have some pretty big holes.
    Updated 06-10-2012 at 08:58 PM by Brandon
  6. Brandon's Avatar
    I mentioned Soriano as the Cubs are mentioned as wanting to trade him several times on mlbtraderumors.com. They mentioned being willing to eat most of his remaining salary 45million of the 54 remaining on his contract. The Cubs are looking to blow up their team as they are really far from contending so I think they are looking for prospects and cash relief to get the process fuly underway. And I imagine it would take someone like a 7 to 10 ranked prospect, A reliever prospect, and a throw in of some kind that is useful Manship maybe.

    I am actually more interested in someone like Sanders for the rotation. Fixing the rotation would get us back into contention or atleast give us the best chance to get back. Its obvious we do not have enough pieces right now, but another .800 OPS bat and 2 starting pitchers would just about do the trick. And the starting pitchers don't need to be great, just not terrible. I think Hendricks could be one of those 2 pitchers I am talking about too.
    Updated 06-10-2012 at 09:00 PM by Brandon
  7. Thrylos's Avatar
    If the Twins had to pay about $2-3 Million total for the remaining 2 years of Soriano's contract and all it would take is some non-prospect like Tosoni to get him, I would have zero problem with that. Big IFs though

    Again, the Twins are in a pace for 96-97 loss season. Nothing is happening this year. They should be sellers and try to get SP. But Soriano as a DH until 2014 for about $1-1.5 Mil per season would not be a bad thing.
  8. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Soriano is making, a ridiculous $18 million this season, 2013, and 2014! So there is nearly $50 million on that contract. The Cubs are ridiculous like that. They are clearly my second favorite team (and that's a problem!) and they are actually thoroughly worse as an organization than the Twins will ever be. I actually like Soriano for an AL team as the DH and if the Cubs are willing to eat at least half of that salary, someone will want him (Texas, Boston).
  9. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Soriano is making a ton of money through 2014, I believe. If they trade him, they are going to have to eat a LOT of the salary.
  10. Seth Stohs's Avatar
    Thankfully the team doens't have to make that decision for another month! Too early to call which is saying something cuz most of us, myself included, were ready to trade off 6 weeks ago.
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