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  1. Willihammer's Avatar
    Pass the hell this way so we can melt this god forsaken snow already
  2. Top Gun's Avatar
    I enjoyed Bark very much sorry to hear of his loss. He has my repect and may he RIP.
  3. Riverbrian's Avatar
    I like Bark... He stepped out on the limb every once in awhile and sometimes the limb snapped on him.
  4. TwinsFanInPhilly's Avatar
    I don't think that he was disliked. It's just that no one thought he was as funny as he did.
  5. ashburyjohn's Avatar
    Hey, Bobby, your mailbox here is full. Drop me a line sometime.
  6. PopRiveter's Avatar
    It's sad when an antagonist dies, but even sadder when:
    "In a twist of irony, Bark's Lounge, after being accused of being a racist by unknown sources on an internet chat site, was murdered in Kagoshima, Japan by Yakuza hitmen hired by the Klu Klux Klan."
    Sure hope no one on an internet chat site accuses me of racism.
    Goodnight, Bark's.
    Updated 12-20-2012 at 11:26 AM by PopRiveter
  7. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    Wow. Just wow.
  8. johnnydakota's Avatar
    dios te bendiga
  9. PeanutsFromHeaven's Avatar
    Just when I think things can't get any cooler than posts from Japan about the Twins you go ahead and invoke Voltron...I always felt like the Blue Lion guy (who got killed or hurt really early in the series and replaced by the princess) got a pretty rough deal.

    Hmm...he also sounds a bit like a typical Twins' free agent pitcher. High promise and potential, gone before the season is over...what was that character's name? Russ Ortiz? Sidney Ponson?
  10. Boom Boom's Avatar
    Poor Lance's cockpit was positioned inside of Voltron's right knuckles. The one that held the Blazing Sword and swung around a lot. That must have been nauseating.
  11. James's Avatar
    I think this was a very good assessment. I think you're probably right about all of this. I'm hoping that the Twins will go against their old ways and sign some decent starting pitching, but it is really hard to believe that they will actually do this.

    Good post.
  12. old nurse's Avatar
    A good but nor great outfielder should net you a good but not great pitching prospect. The Twins need a great pitching prospect. A low A prospect who is great is not what the Twins have a surplus of, nor do they have a surplus of near major league talent to trade to sweeten the pot.
  13. old nurse's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by johnnydakota
    well in that case why not send out some non roster invites to say brandon webb scott kazmir?
    just to name a couple ?sign jose veras,upside players for little or no money
    Kazmir did very little in independent baseball, Webb has not pitched in years and would be in the minors for a long time to get back if healthy, Veras would make the population pine for Jeff Gray
  14. johnnydakota's Avatar
    well in that case why not send out some non roster invites to say brandon webb scott kazmir?
    just to name a couple ?sign jose veras,upside players for little or no money
  15. savvyspy's Avatar
    There has never been a more honest assessment of the Twins organization. Kudos for speaking the truth as depressing as it is.
  16. Shane Wahl's Avatar
    haha. Wow.
  17. jtrinaldi's Avatar
    haha What the ****
  18. gil4's Avatar
    If you are a human being [I am] who believes in evolution... [I'm not, but I will limit my comment to areas where I would agree with those who do]

    Repetition, physical ability and love for the game are not only passed onto the next generation by word of mouth, but also by the ability to reproduce and implant their genetic mark, a mark that contains the imprint of baseball.

    Acquired characteristics such as baseball skills are not passed along genetically. (However, apparently Lamarckism is making a bit of a comeback, although for now it's tentative/questionable (at best) and limited to starvation situations and certain experiments with single-cell life forms.)

    I would say that the US has better players than Australia because there are more people who play and there are far more opportunities to play against high-level competition. The coaching is better, or, rather, better coaching is available if you look for it.

    My son is a much better athlete than I ever was, but I was a better baseball player. When he was nine we moved to Belgium and then to Germany, so he didn't see decent competion until he was a junior in high school. There is no substitute for repetions and good competition.
    Updated 08-23-2012 at 12:09 PM by gil4
  19. Bark's Lounge's Avatar
    Nice curve ball Glunn. I know a little bit about basketball, but I am no afiicionado. The Euros took quite an interest to that sport in the last 40 years and their talent ranks have been growing.

    The Spanish and former Eastern block seem to produce a fair amount of NBA talent. The Euros have not been subjected to, or do not like baseball. As of now it's a western hemisphere and Far East thing, Australian Basketball = A couple of high profile WNBA players and former T-Wolf Luc Longley.

    The Twins have a minor league youngster from Germany - Max Kepler, the Mariners's have the Italian Alex Liddi, and the Netherlands have a few players, but they probably were born and grew up on the Caribbean Islands that are controlled and property of the Netherlands.

    The Land Down Under has no such things... I think?
  20. glunn's Avatar
    This is an interesting take on the situation, Mr. Lounge. But how do you explain Spanish basketball players? Mutations?
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