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  1. For Better or Worse: Ryan Doumit

    The Minnesota Twins have been aware of Ryan Doumit for more than fifteen years, but it was only in the last 15 months that he was in the organization. In 1999, the Twins drafted outfielder BJ Garbe with the 5th overall pick in the draft. In the second round that year, the Pittsburgh Pirates drafted Doumit from the same high school as Garbe, Moses Lake High School in Washington.

    Ryan Doumit debuted as a 24-year-old with the Pittsburgh Pirates in June of 2005. For the next three seasons, ...
  2. Handling Gibson

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ID:	3377As they try to rebuild their shattered starting pitching corps, the Twins are relying on Kyle Gibson to become a fixture in the rotation. Whereas the rest of the organization’s top pitching prospects are widely considered to be at least a year or two away, Gibson is ready now.

    After being sidetracked by Tommy John surgery, he’s returned throwing harder than ever and – much like in his first big-league camp in 2011 – he is impressing coaches and onlookers ...
  3. Rosario, Carew and the Jump from Single A to the Majors

    Hey friends,

    I am willing to admit that it's way too early to get our hopes up regarding Eddie Rosario and his 5 for 8 outburst against AA to AAA level pitchers. Some of the heavy hitters on this site have commented that it's absurd to believe that we could hear--once again--chants of "Eddie, Eddie" as early as this spring in Minnie. I get it.

    But don't tell me it can never happen. http://www.baseball-reference.com/mi...d=carew-001rod

  4. Calling All Bribes

    You can vote for the "Hall of Fame" discussed in this blog (and see this post with all kinds of other goofy photoshops) on our main blogger page.

    After the debacle of the Hall of Fame's "non-election" and last weekend's Academy Awards, there is but one honor left to bestow before the baseball season begins: the Peanuts From Heaven Hall of Fame! Yes, we still offer induction to all those who make the game fun to watch (even if they weren't exactly "good" ...
  5. Joe Mauer Is Having Twins

    For years, it's been clear that the Twins belong to Joe Mauer. It's nice to to get a little divine confirmation.

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    Late last night news broke that Joe's Mauer's wife, Maddie, is pregnant with Twins. (Oops. I meant "twins." The capitalization has become a habit. Though I suppose it is possible that she could be pregnant with future Twins. Gotta love Mauer those genes.) According to Joe, everything so far is "so good." Yes, yes it is Joe. For all of us. ...
  6. Where are they now: Former Twins in big league camps

    If you’re like me, one of the fun things to do during spring training is to read through all of the box scores. They’re long, and full of names as starters are just getting a couple of at bats and managers are wanting to see their role players and non-roster invitees. It’s a good reminder of the offseason transactions and who signed where. That’s important for the big free agents, but it’s also fun to see where the lesser-known names and the minor league free agents signed.

    As someone ...
  7. Rosario could rise to the top in '13

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    With a variety of top prospect list coming out at this time of year, there is plenty of talk about the high-ranking prospects in the Twins farm system. Miguel Sano and Byron Buxton could be on their way to multiple All-Star appearances. Alex Meyer and Kyle Gibson could make up the starting rotation of the future.

    The Twins have some talent at the top of their farm system and this makes the next couple years of development very important. Some of these ...
  8. Worm Hunting

    To be considered a prospect that will be drafted in the top-20 of any MLB Draft is quite a feat. Nearly everyone cannot accomplish that on natural talent alone. It takes an extreme amount of sweaty labor that most people would not, or could not, endure. I want to hope beyond all hope that Aaron Hicks turns out just like Dennis Rodman.

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    I’m sure your blood is boiling after reading that last sentence. So, ...

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  9. Opening Day Starter

    Originally published at KnuckleballsBlog.com

    With the Twins likely done making moves this winter, and with Spring Training games just around the corner, I thought it would be a good time to put my predictive powers to the test and try and suss-out the Twins’ plan for the Opening Day starter. With the Twins opening the season at home this year, the Opening Day start has a little more significance than it has the past couple of years when the Twins started the season on the road. The
  10. Eddie Leon, The Twins First Draft Pick

    This is the first post in a series highlighting the Twins number one draft picks, originally published at BaseballTwins.com

    Eddie Leon, All-American
    In 1965, the first year of the MLB draft, the Twins had the ninth selection and used it on a talented ...
  11. Minor League Spring Training Schedule

    Does anybody know when the minor league spring training schedule is released? I was hoping to come down to Ft. Myers and see some of the lower prospects play. I can't plan my days if I don't know thier schedules? Best week with most home games, etc.?
  12. Twins career best K/9

    Posted at www.twinstrivia.com earlier.

    I watched Clubhouse Confidential on MLB TV yesterday and in one of the show segments host Brian Kenny talked about the climbing rate of the strikeout per 9 innings ratio (K/9) over the years. It was a very interesting piece and Kenny pointed out how last year the leader was Atlanta Braves closer Craig Kimbrel who had an amazing 16.66 strikeouts for every nine innings pitched, that is a truly crazy number and he accomplished that while throwing ...
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  13. Send Swarzak Squatching!

    It is time we all join together to accomplish a great thing, Twins Territory.

    We must send Anthony Swarzak on a Bigfoot hunting expedition.

    Swarzak has publicly discussed his interest in cryptozoology
    . I'm skeptical about the existence of an unidentified , two-legged mammal remaining undiscovered by science for so long, but I'm definitely a supporter of encouraging curiosity into the unknown.

    The Twins pitcher has taken enough ribbing for his curiosity about ...
  14. Picking One Twins Player to Start a Franchise

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    When a club is in the rebuilding process like the Minnesota Twins, it can be tough to know which players need to stay and which players need to go. Fans are connected to a lot of the players that have been here for multiple seasons and it can be tough for the team to part ways with some fan favorites.

    In the end, it is up to Terry Ryan to decided what is best for the future of the franchise. He had to make the tough decision to trade away Denard Span ...
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