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  1. Friday Night Minor League Lights

    It was another exciting night in the Twins minor league system. Find out how the Elizabethton Twins did in the decisive Game 3 in their Appalachian League semi-final against Danville. How did Kyle Gibson do in his second start for Rochester? Oswaldo Arcia and Aaron Hicks had strong games, but see how Chris Herrmann got to play hero for the New Britain Rock Cats. It was a busy night in the Twins farm system.

    The Twins game in Kansas City scheduled for Friday night was postponed because ...
  2. Elizabethton Advances to Appalachian League Championship Series

    On Friday night, the Elizabethton Twins topped Danville (Braves) by the score of 4-2. In doing so, they advance to the Appalachian League Championship series where they will take on Burlington (Royals). The Best of 3 series begins on Saturday.

    The E-Twins got going early on Friday. In the first inning, Max Kepler doubled. First baseman DJ Hicks then homered to give the Twins a 2-0 lead. Danville scored one in the top of the third, but the Twins came back in the bottom of the fourth. ...
  3. Attendance below 30,000? About time!

    It was noted elsewhere that this week attendance dropped below 30,000 at Target Field for the first time in its history. Some saw that as a harbinger of doom, leading to a vicious cycle of depressed revenues followed by lower payroll followed by a poorer product on the field followed by depressed revenues followed by...

    My own take: At last! This is what I’ve been waiting for since Target Field opened. Don’t get me wrong – it was fun to see a full ballpark for a while. But I’m glad ...

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  4. Twins Pitchers Who Could Contribute to a Playoff Team in the Future

    Last week, I investigated which position players on the current 40-man roster can help a potential Twins playoff team. If you want to read it, click here. In my mind, the first possible contending season is 2014, although I feel that could be a bit of a stretch. For the purposes of this post, I am going to look at 2014 as the first year of the turnaround, which might be putting too much faith in the rebuilding process. There are some very interesting position players on the 40-man roster. Pitchers, ...
  5. Friday Links-N-Thinks

    The 2014 All-Star Game was finally given to the Twin Cities this week but there were plenty of other happenings for Twins Territory. Joe Mauer was placed on waivers and the national media freaked out over what turned out to be a none story. After sitting for over a week and then playing in a handful of games, Denard Span was finally put on the DL even though rosters expand this weekend. Chris Parmelee destroyed Triple-A pitching for most of the year and he finally got called up. Now he has to show ...
  6. What has happened to Joe Mauer's defense?

    Concerns over Joe Mauer’s defense has grown exponentially as the number of opposing kleptomaniacs have continued to accumulate more and more bases.

    A one-time Florida State quarterback recruit, earlier in his career Mauer had thwarted over 30% of would-be base-stealers but has seen that number drop to league average as injuries and age have taken a toll on him. This year, however, that rate has dropped to a league-worst six percent – stopping just three runners with his own arm. What’s ...
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  7. Thursday's Minor League Round-up

    The Twins lost to the Mariners this afternoon and Denard Span was placed on the disabled list. Placing Span on the DL was a curious move, since rosters expand in a couple of days, and there are rumblings that he may be shut down for the rest of the year.

    If you've noticed that the "Rosters & Payroll" page hasn't been updated in a couple of days, I apologize. Hopefully by Monday it will be back up-to-date.

    Let’s take a look around today’s action:

  8. Prospect watch update

    Early this season, I wrote about 10 prospects who I believed would have breakout seasons. These are not top prospects but 25-50 ranking prospects who I believed would emerge into serious big league contenders down the road. Here is an update on them and my prognostication results are definitely mixed.

    (age), team, PA, slash, 2B/3B/HR, BB/K, SB/SBA
    (age), team, IP, ERA, K/BB, WHIP

    The Good:

    Nate Roberts: (23-6), Beloit, 339, .303/.435/.435, 18/3/4, ...
  9. Sam Deduno: King of Fielding Dependent Pitching?

    Over the last three seasons, (min 450 IP), Jeremy Hellickson has accumulated 6.8 Fielding dependent wins. FDP wins are calculated based on a pitchers combined ability to limit hard contact on balls in play and strand runners ie. throw strikes from the stretch, limit the running game, etc.

    Hellickson's 6.8 FDP wins leads all qualified pitchers, by far. Next closest is Jared Weaver, at 5.4 FDP wins.

    Which brings me to Deduno, who in 10 starts has already accumulate 1.0 FDP-wins. ...
  10. Wednesday's Twins Minor League Daily

    The minor league season is about to wrap up. A couple teams -- E-Town and Beloit -- are headed to the playoffs, which is great for fans of the minor league system. Let's take a look at the action down on the farm.


    It still has been a solid season for the Rock Cats, but their performance in August has been dreadful. Unfortunately, they're fighting a very uphill battle for the final playoff spot. They did, however, turn in a ...
  11. Indians shake off shackles

    When you’re losing matches, it seems like nothing goes your way. Every ball bounces the wrong way, those inches that win points are against you and every opposing player appears to be having a great game.

    The Indians knew exactly how that felt earlier this month, when they came close to equalling the worst run of mlb scores in the franchise’s history.

    They suffered 11 straight defeats in total and there appeared few rays of sunshine on a horizon that had become increasingly ...
  12. Minor signings make impact

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    Sam Deduno put together the best start of his career on Wednesday night. Pitching against the Seattle Mariners, Deduno threw seven shutout innings and allowed just two hits. He struckout a career high seven batters. Most important, and probably most inexplicable, he walked no one. He improved to 5-2 and dropped his ERA to 3.72. To say he has been a pleasant surprise is quite the understatement.

    Deduno was one of 14 players from outside the organization ...
  13. Mauer's Not Going Anywhere

    Don't buy into the hype. Joe Mauer isn't getting traded.Ask yourself this question, and be honest in your reply: If Joe Mauer were becoming a free agent this offseason, is there any chance – ANY chance, whatsoever – that he would fetch a six-year, $138 million contract?

    I think the answer is pretty clearly no. That's the prorated remaining portion of the eight-year contract Mauer signed with the Twins after a 2009 season in which he was arguably baseball's best player. He was 26, he was one of the game's most ...
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  14. If Joe Mauer was traded, where could he go?

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    On a day when the biggest piece of news coming out of the Twins Cities should have been the Twins securing the 2014 MLB All-Star Game, most of the national attention was on the reports that Joe Mauer had been placed on revocable waivers. Fans and some members of the media got all in a tizzy by the thought that Mauer, the hometown boy, could ever leave the Twins. In the end, it seems like a whole lot of fuss for nothing because there doesn't seem to be much of a ...
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