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  1. Yup. All Four (Twins versus Yankees -- Games 78-81)

    Blink and the World Ends (Twins 4 Yankees 10 - Game 78)

    This was supposed to cross the finish line with the Twins in the lead. Iíd decided that late last week. The Twins are struggling but still have a heartbeat. The Yankees have pains of their own. The sagaís supposed to take a turn for the Twin Cities tonight. I expected a spanking, perhaps with the Twins using a broom.

    The innings I caught on the radio didnít spoil my dream, even though I did enjoy hearing Dan Gladdenís ...
  2. Wha' Happened #10 ("Best" Games)

    There's a fuller write up "recapping" the last week plus in Twins Territory at our main blog, but here are a few key samplings from each series

    Game 76
    Marlins 5 - Twins 3
    The Twins have a good deal of early success against Miami's starter in the first inning, they run into trouble against Kevin "Killthrow" Slowey, who savored the opportunity to best the team that let him go. Elsewhere "Dr. Cakeburn"Nick Blackburn, and Boof Bonser plotted their ...
  3. When will it end?

    For the first two games of this Yankees-Twins series, the Twins went off early by scoring 3 runs in last nights game, then only being able to score one more the rest of the game (thanks to a Parmalee solo shot). Then allowing the Yankees to not only tie the game with 3 unanswered runs, but let them carry on with their rain of terror by scoring 7 more ending in a blowout over the Twins.

    Following that up was the next night with- what do you know- the same result occurring. The only ...
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  4. Monsters and Yankees

    The first thing you need to understand is the New York Yankees breed monsters.

    Monstrous Yankees seem to be human, but they grow to be so much more than that. They become legends, with their memory preserved in Monument Park throughout the ages.

    This is not necessarily an insult: monsters can be heroes, too. Take Babe Ruth. He began as a boy at an orphanage and grew into a walking appetite. His home runs shot further and further away from the batterís box until thinking ...
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  5. Twins Fan's Shocking Confession: "I don't hate the Yankees."

    Originally posted at Kevin Slowey was Framed! Direct your hate mail appropriately.

    Psst. You there. Yeah, you in the Twins hat and Joe Mauer shirsey. Put down that plush TC bear, I have a secret that I can't hold in any longer. This is very hard for me to say. I've been thinking about it for a long time and I've felt this way even longer. I can't hold it in; I need to confess to someone. I'm trusting you to keep my secret, but it won't be easy. Are you ready?

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  6. The Buddy Files Vol. 1.2---Yes I am still worried

    How much would I like to see the Twins take 3 of 4 at Yankee Stadium? More than I'd like to be the one to personally fire Gardenhire and get "the Franchise" out of town. OK maybe not that much but it would probably make my pants a little tighter.

    But I'm still worried by this team. I am reasonably sure that the heart of this lineup can produce this season. The starters are always a little concerning for me and the bullpen is an absolute heart attack on a nightly basis. This ...
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