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  1. Vikings v. 49ers 8/10/2012

    Greetings from the East Bay. I realized the night before last that this game was being played in San Francisco (for some reason I thought it was at the dome, probably because they play in the regular season there), so I scrambled to find some tickets online and made the game. Granted it's the first preseason game so you can't gauge much, but dammit I'll try.

    Before I get to the game, I have to describe this weather. As a Minnesotan by birth, it is in my DNA to discuss weather in depth ...
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  2. Change needs to happen. Rant about MN Politics and the MN Vikings

    by , 05-02-2012 at 10:55 PM ("And we'll see ya' ... tomorrow night.")
    I saw the disgust on Gardy's face when pulling Hendriks in the 3rd inning. I too was disgusted, had to change the channel. I actually told my wife I felt bad for Gardy. I would feel bad in the situation he is in, when his hands are tied. What do you do, you have to make the trek out there before the 6th inning every game as your team is not in any game. I went through the bad times for the Twins, but the thing is I expected losses, they were underdogs, but yet they fought tooth and nail to ...

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