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  1. Johan down again

    I know ESPN is moronic sometimes but I couldn't believe that I was reading an article where they judged a pitcher based on wins. I thought we were four to five years past that. I'm not asking for advanced stats either, just maybe ERA and strikeouts?

    Its especially frustrating because Johan was robbed in 2005 for the Cy Young by this very wins mentality. He had an ERA a full .6 lower than Colon (2.87 vs. 3.48), pitched 9 more innings and struck out over 80 more batters but ...
  2. Are we giving Aaron Hicks a raw deal?

    Iíll start by saying that Iím not an Aaron Hicks lover. I canít disagree with Rob Antony and Ron Gardenhireís critique of his preparation, and Iíve always been an unabashed Denard Span guy (note: hugely excited that he ended up in DC, where I live now). But I do think we (the Twins-loving public) have been giving Hicks a raw deal by bashing the year heís having.

    First off, the easy part: letís look at his OBP. I noticed today that, of the 32 major league center fielders that have 100+ ...
  3. Target Field has been kind to Sam Deduno

    Entrenched in the middle of another losing season, it can be tough to look at the Twins roster and find some positives. There are going to be disappointments but sometimes there can be good mixed in with all of the bad.

    Sam Deduno fits this mold.

    He was a surprise for the 2012 Twins team and this still didn't save his spot on the 40-man roster in the offseason. Every MLB team had a chance to claim him and no one took the opportunity to add him to their club. Deduno ...
  4. Gleeman and the Geek Episode 75: Sabermetric Twins and Drunk Voting

    Name:  PC.jpg
Views: 674
Size:  13.8 KBIn yet another Geek-less installment of Gleeman and the Geek, joining Aaron Gleeman on this weekís GATG podcast is Twins Dailyís Parker Hageman -- who fills in for the globetrotting John Bonnes.

    Podcasting live from Panino Brothers in Eden Prairie, the pair discuss the Twinsí involvement in sabermetrics, projecting the Opening Day roster, why no one wants Kyle Lohse, Shaun Marcum and the best of the remaining free agent pitchers, saying something nice about ...
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