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  1. Adopt a Prospect Vol 2.4: Enjoy the Little Things, Like Pizza Stop Pizza

    (Disclaimer: since this seminar is designed for Luis Perdomo, Peanuts From Heaven shall not be held responsible for any injury--either physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual--incurred by any person who adopts seminar lessons as their own. We do however take complete credit for any improvement--either physical, mental, emotional or spiritual...and especially financial--of the life of any person who adopts seminar lessons as their own)

    It's ...
  2. Matt Maloney, staff savior?

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    In a Marquis-out/DeVries-up thread, it was mentioned by more than one that Matt Maloney ought to be put into the Rochester rotation. I had been thinking along those lines for a while now, too.

    In fact, I wonder if the Twins considered doing this in April for the parent club, before sending Maloney down, by putting him into a long-relief outing or two. Unfortunately he pitched so poorly that they couldn't even "stretch him out" for a few ...

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  3. The Ex-Twins in Rochester

    (This is a cross-post with my blog on baseball in general, the Baseball Continuum. The version there has more pictures and links.)

    Quick, ignore the logos and team names, what team is this?

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    Well, it's the Rochester Red Wings. But it's filled with players who have been a part of the Twins over the rather disastrous past season-and-a-half. Revere is now back up with the Twins (saving Rochestarians from having to hear him sing), ...
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  4. How Good Should Our Minor League Teams Be?

    [Originally published at Twins Fan From Afar]

    I've been thinking about this question lately. Baseball farm teams are, by nature, really interesting. General managers don't set the rosters, or even acquire the players. And I bet if the Rock Cats GM gets a call from Terry Ryan suggesting that he play the back-up shortstop because "something may be in the works," the back-up shortstop will get a lot of playing time, regardless of what that does to New Britain's chances. In the ...
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