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  1. I'm the Away Team - Orioles at Twins (Games 32-34)

    Orioles at Twins

    A Damn Shame (Game 32)

    These days, itís a lot easier to keep up with the Twins when youíre traveling.

    This can be perilous, however.

    For example, when the Twins blow a six run lead and you find out in the middle of a friendly conversation with your family. There are words and phrases that desperately need screaming, but politeness dictates you keep your mouth shut.

    I settled on letting out a wordless scream. I ...
  2. Twins/Tigers (Games 22-24)

    Twins at Detroit

    That Was Fast (Game 22)

    If the Twins have to lose, maybe itís best they lose quickly so we can all watch a nice movie before we head to bed for the evening.

    When Kris Atteberry does the postgame report after a brutal Twins loss, it always sounds like the narration on a Civil War documentary. All theyíre missing is a lonesome harmonica sound.

    I donít like it when Mauer isnít hitting. Itís like adjusting to a world where the ...
  3. Game 9 - Zombies.

    Another bland game, suffered through on a Minnesota night where the only thing worse than the grey ugliness in the sky is the twenty feet of snow coming next. The Twins didn't plate a run in a game. 11 strikes outs. Swept by the Royals. I sincerely hope we can bury this game under the snow and forget it.

    Earlier in my day, I enjoyed the Rue Morgue Podcast. Horror expert Andrea Subissati mentioned a Wade Davis, the ethnobiologist whose work regarding voodoo and zombies was the direct ...
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