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  1. The 2013 Twins by the Only Stat that Matters (Part 2: The Hitters)

    This is the second in a series of three articles evaluating the Twins 2013 Season. First we introduced the stat, now we're using it to analyze hitters, finally we'll use it to analyze pitchers.
    Anyone can evaluate a player's performance in the field, but what about their performance in the field of entertainment?

    The Twins completed their third straight 90-loss season, but rather than chastise the unproductive and cheer the talented, I'm here to praise the players who made
  2. Dog Days: The Ideal Offense

    Hello Humans...my name is Sidney. I am a dog. I am going to write some blog posts this month.

    My humans normally write this blog thingy about baseball and good stuff. But lately they've been all tired and stuff. They get up and run many miles while I sleep on the porch. They work on things like spreadsheets and lesson plans while I sleep on the couch. They clean up the house ...
  3. 2012 Minnesota Twins Take of the Week - Week 3

    by , 05-01-2012 at 12:40 PM (TwinsTakes.com Blog on TwinsDaily.com - Our Takes, Your Takes, TwinsTakes.com!)

    Photo Credit:Michael Donovan viaCompfight

    Giving up a ton of hits, home runs and an ERA of 5.77 = LOSING!

    It also equals a Redundant take! I know last week the take of the week was on the starting pitching and it would be great to have a different take this week but the pitching is the obvious

    Updated 05-01-2012 at 12:48 PM by TwinsTakes-RD

  4. Offense Lagging Along With M&M Boys

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	mauerandmorneau.jpg 
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ID:	642Pat Borzi of MinnPost wrote a column last week suggesting that the current iteration of the Twins lacks heart. He drew a comparison to the 2002 team, which was being celebrated during the opening series at Target Field, stating that it's "hard to imagine this roster, especially the younger players, clawing and scrapping like their counterparts from 10 years ago."

    I don't know about all that, but I would say this team has been suffering from the absence of ...
  5. Time for Joe to Go?

    I know it's 'in vogue' to call for the head of the hitting coach when things are going badly. I'm hardly the first and if things keep going like this for the Twins (6 runs in 4 games) more and more people will jump on that bandwagon. The fact of the matter is that in each of the past two season, the Twins offense has gotten off to a very slow start and sometimes a change a scenery is needed, even if the old scenery isn't necessarily the problem.

    Last year, the circumstances were ...
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