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  1. My Dog Writes the News

    I'm officially back at work, planning and plotting all that I teach, but after a summer of goofing around with my dog (with Sports Radio/ESPN often on in the background), I felt like I could trust him to write a post summarizing baseball coverage of late. Without further's a guest post from my dog: Sidney.--also available with images here

    Most Exciting Time of Baseball Season Irrelevant Next to Least Exciting Time of Football Season.
    by, Sid MacKenzie

    With ...

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  2. The Braun Legacy (in theatres soon)

    The following was originally posted at

    I realize Iím several days late to the party in terms of discussing the arbitratorís ruling in favor of Brewersí star Ryan Braun, but it took me a while to come to grips with exactly how I feel about it. Iíve now done that and Iíve concluded one thing for certainÖ

    I want the movie rights.

    Before you scoff, remember that Hollywood made a successful movie last year about Oakland Aís General Manager
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