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  1. The 2013 Twins By the Only Stat that Matters (Pt. 1: The Stat)

    This is the first in a series of three articles evaluating the Twins 2013 Season. First we introduce the stat, then we use it to analyze hitters, then we use it to analyze pitchers.

    There's plenty of time to dissect the Twins' season, and there are plenty of people to do it. Rather than crunch the numbers or analyze the trends, I prefer to dissect it in the best way I know how: poorly!

    It's in that spirit that I offer the following new statistic: AARP or Amusement ...

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  2. The Great Twins Scotch Bet: Ready for the Final Act

    It's sweet of you to keep trying Pedro, really, it is.
    Entering the final week of the season there are many dramatic moments left in Twins territory. We could see a team clinch the central division, we could see a team clinch the wild card, neither of those teams could be us...but still...drama!

  3. Dog Days: It's Okay for Puppies to Lose

    Hi again humans.

    I am Sidney, and I am blogging for my humans. Why you ask? My humans are frustrated with the Twins. They lose and lose, they say. My humans even argue over how much the Twins will lose, which is kind of silly because even if one of my humans win...they will watch the Twins lose.

    When my hairy human takes me in the car (which I hate so much it makes me vomit in fury), he presses a button and we hear the voices of other people talking about ...
  4. Why the twins won't win the central

    Why the twins won’t win the central.

    With spring comes optimism, every team has a .500 record, everyone is healthy, everyone has a chance. In the words of Lee Corso, “not so fast my friend.” The twins have no chance in 2012.

    Missing from the lineup is their longtime closer Joe Nathan, who after a rough start in 2012 pulled it all together during the end of the year. Instead the Twins decided to give Matt Capps money and throw him the 9th inning, cause that went so ...
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