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  1. Let's Make a Deal: Wrap Up!

    It's time to wrap up this blog's trade deadline speculation series/gameshow in the making: Let's Make a Deal. Where I offer you trade returns based on the historical equivalent of current Twins. First, let's check out how the fans did in making a deal for Francisco Liriano in what was nearly a unanimous verdict (until my friend Aly called in a last second vote for door #2).

    No one, and I mean, NO ONE, wanted to keep Frankie or trade for door #3. (Since Door #3 contained three
  2. Let's Make a Deal for Francisco Liriano

    This was originally posted at our independent site (with a poll for voting), please feel free to comment with your own rationale for why one deal seems superior to another...GM's don't operate in a vacuum the more you debate the better the choice becomes.

    It's time for the All-Star Game (a favorite event for we Peanuts, because it is just as silly as we always are, and because we feel proud to join the teeming masses who mock Joe Buck every year!)

    But before the big(ish) ...
  3. Let's Make a Deal for Justin Morneau

    Another week closer to the trade deadline, another week worth of rampant speculation and wild hopes for Twins fans; after several days of heated voting the fans chose to trade Matt Capps rather than keep him, stunning the blog-o-sphere...oh wait! Let's see what the fans picked and what they passed up.

    Door #2 netted two votes and provides my personal favorite proof of idiotic trades made for "closers" Capps compares well with Ugueth [namesake of my first child boy OR
  4. Let's Make a Deal for Matt Capps

    Welcome back to everybody's favorite form of roster-modification: LET'S MAKE A DEAL! That's right, I pretend to be Wayne Brady, you pretend to be Terry Ryan dressed up like a giant Radish! (Also, you pick a trading partner for an expendable player on the Twins roster)

    First, let's reveal what we came away with last week as we made a deal for Denard Span. Between the three comments on Twins Daily, the one comment here and the poll votes it winds up with 6 votes to keep Denard and 4 to ...

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  5. Let's Make a Deal for Denard Span

    ​This blog is also available on our original site along with a quick and easy poll to vote in

    In six weeks the trade deadline will come to pass, but before that happens there will be rumors, conjecture, and wheeling/dealing of innumerable kinds. It's exhilarating and yet, frightening because--after all--you're giving up something you know for something that is totally unpredictable.

    There's so much uncertainty that it makes me feel every bit as anxious as I used to feel

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