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  1. kudos to gatg and who the Twins should sign next....

    After my blog complaining bitterly about gatg and their non baseball talk, their last episode was what I want and very enjoyable. I still dont like the drinking references..but it was much improved.

    The next Free agent the twins should sign is Mike Pelfrey. His second half last year was very good. Before the FA signings I said Pelfrey should be number one, now here is what I want the Rotation to Look like.....
    Pelfrey ...
  2. GATG Ep 68 Post-mortem: Gleemanor

    To hear the actual podcast, go to http://gleemanandthegeek.com/

    After recording the 68th episode of their "Gleeman and The Geek" podcast Aaron Gleeman and John Bonnes are joined by documentary filmmaker Nathan Fisher for a "Cribs"-like tour of Gleemanor.
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