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  1. So Gardy wants Flexibility... How about the Platoon?

    Recently we have heard beloved leader Ron Gardenhire extol the virtues of "flexibility" when constructing a roster. I agree. In fact, I will go one step further: I think the roster should be constructed to allow for the flexibility of platooning several positions within the lineup.*

    Although the Twins have had fewer financial restrictions since the opening of Target Field (at least theoretically) the talent within the system just is not there yet. Besides, let's face facts ...
  2. Gardenhire Swoon?

    At the all-star break the Twins' winning percentage was a measly .423. However, until the current losing streak they had won at a .555 clip since the break which gave us all a little hope. In some ways it is like deja vu though because if you look back at 2011 and 2012 the Twins also came out after the all-star break and played better for a short term than they did before the break (.529 in '11 and .466 in '12). Each time they hit a wall at around the 50 win mark and struggled mightily for any ...
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  3. Grady's "The Twins Way"

    Ron Gardenhire should stay, although despised by some he deserves to stay. His methods, year in and year out, have proven to be effective in winning and ethics. The "Twin's Way" is what he calls it and for him it's defense and pitching that top his list in "The Twin's Way". And this year he has once again shown us "The Twin's Way.

    Last year the Twins were one of the worst teams winning and defensive wise, having the 4th worst fielding percentage of .983 ...
  4. Mauer sure looks great batting second

    Doesn't Mauer batting second feel so much better? If you are like me, it makes the frustration I have that he does not drive the ball to RF almost completely go away. I now think of him as a Rod Carew type #2 hitter and not an Albert Pulhols or Miguel Cabrera type hitter that can carry the team on his back. I could never understand why Gardy wanted him in the #3 slot. Now I can finally appreciate him for who he is and not be annoyed that he is not the hitter he was the year before he signed ...
  5. Observations on the Ebb and Flow of the Gardenhire Era

    In looking at average team WAR in the American League over the 11 years of the Gardenhire era, we see consistent yearly offensive values of +19 wins, pitching values of +13 wins, and fielding values of zero. Comparing the Twins’ performances in each of the Gardenhire seasons to those averages gives us a quick picture of the successes or failures each season and how the offensive, pitching, and fielding prowess of the Twins has trended.

    • 2004-2006. Do I need to say it?
  6. Bloodbath

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	axe.jpg 
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ID:	2465After approaching 100 losses in back-to-back seasons, the Twins clearly needed to make some changes. As we put it when introducing our Offseason Handbook yesterday, complacency was not going to be an option this winter.

    They wasted little time shaking things up, parting with their entire coaching staff – save for pitching coach Rick Anderson and manager Ron Gardenhire – in the very first day after the season came to an end.

    Bullpen coach Rick ...
  7. The Buddy Files Vol. 1---How can this turn around?

    Here's my first shot at this. I'm assuming no one will see it, but if you do, Thanks....and sorry. I was going to post something earlier with predictions and such but then remembered I hate predictions and such. So I decided to give it a few games before I chimed in.

    I have to go at this from the only perspective I have, from the view of a fan 4 hours away. So far its pretty simple: This is bad. It hurts to watch on TV. I half expect Bert to jump from the booth to his werciful demise. ...
  8. Clubhouse Pin Drops.

    Yesterday, a comment on 1500ESPN by "Everyday" Eddie Guardado took Patrick Reusse and Jim Souhan into a brief rant against the quiet, introverted Twins clubhouse. My first instinct was to write it off as being just another "back in my day we were tougher and manlier" speech.

    Then, I started thinking about the relationship between clubhouse dynamics and communication, like I blogged about earlier this week. It seemed to me Olson's concept of cohesiveness applies to ...
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