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  1. This is all just a bad dream...right?

    "Wake me up when it is over." I have heard this in reference to bad movies, horrible television shows, lectures in college auditoriums--the list goes on. Add now to the list "wake me up when the Twins game is over."

    After being shutout for two straight games and being no-hit on Wednesday by Jared Weaver, the Minnesota Twins are beginning to give the term "the Bad News Bears" a whole new meaning. From their pitching to their hitting, the Twins are an all-around ...

    Updated 05-03-2012 at 12:06 PM by SpinnesotaGirl

    Minnesota Twins
  2. Plouffe has gone poof?

    As of May 3, 2011, the sainted Drew Butera had this set of stats for the Twins:
    AB: 50
    BB: 2
    H: 5
    2B: 2
    R: 3
    RBI: 4
    BA: .100
    OBP: .151
    SLG: .140
    OPS: .291

    This morning, I see this for Trevor Plouffe 2012:
    AB: 36
    BB: 7
    H: 4
    2B: 1
    HR: 1
    R: 3
    RBI: 2
    BA: .111
    OBP: .256
    SLG: .222
    OPS: .478

    He's been basically five walks, and one double turned into a home ...
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