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  1. Dozier's Season

    We have just passed the midpoint of the season and the Twins are a season low seven games below .500. A big reason why the Twins are as good as they are is their second baseman, Brian Dozier. Dozier is currently going through his third slump of the season and the batting average is down to .232. His homers have leveled off and his OPS has sunk to .762. However, I think the first half of the season has been a success for Dozier.

    Brian leads the club with 15 homers and is second ...
  2. A Nice Week in Fort Myers

    I have been in Fort Myers since last Tuesday. I have seen four Twins games and a large amount of minor league games plus a full allotment of drills and BP. Today was the first day when the weather was subpar, and coming from the frozen north, the sunshine and warmth were much appreciated.

    The major league talent held few surprises. The Twins will field a team of position players who, as a group, are weak-hitting, lack power and speed, and aren't that good defensively. The pitching ...
  3. With the departure of Carroll, Twins lose professional defender

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ID:	5180Earlier in the season, I tracked down the recently traded Jamey Carroll in the Twins’ clubhouse and picked his brain on the art of fielding.

    A player’s offensive production tends to attract the lion’s share of the attention while the contributions with the glove go under-appreciated – especially if a player is not necessarily flashy. As Bill James once said, “Offense is making things happen. Defense is keeping things from happening. People would much rather ...
  4. Runaway Optimism

    Yes, I heard the postgame show which pointed out the Twins were above .500 for the first time since 2010. I have seen the positive comments about the starting pitchers and their success so far this season. I do believe this team is improved and I think they are due for better luck after two disastrous seasons where any luck they had was bad luck.

    This is a club that will be hard-pressed to exceed 70 wins without more than one positive surprise. Three full games have yielded 17 ...
  5. A review of the Season Opener

    I DVRed the game yesterday and watched most of it last night. While I didn't see some key events, I heard about them on the radio.

    The Twins had a chance to beat the Tigers but came up short in key at-bats. They also were hurt by bases advanced by the plodding Tigers.

    What went right: 1) Worley outlasted Verlander. Even though he was the losing pitcher he managed to go six innings and reached the threshold for a "Quality Start". 2) Fien struck out the side ...
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  6. Infielders – Headed for Obsolescence?

    Originally, I was curious to see how the number of defensive chances handled by outfielders have changed over the years. Using the Lahman database, I summed all putouts, errors, and assists credited among the three outfield positions each season and divided by their sum of innings-played-outs times 27 outs times the 3 positions. This gave me the following trend since 1954 when the data started being available in the Lahman database:

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    I saw three ...
  7. Twins still seeking third base help?

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ID:	2929When Jack Hannahan signed with the Cincinnati Reds last week, this took yet another potential third base option off the board for the Minnesota Twins.

    Hannahan, a local product with above-average defensive prowess and a mediocre platoon bat from the left-side, appeared to be a given to land in Minnesota. With Terry Ryan’s statements that the team was going to push their incumbent, Trevor Plouffe, Hannahan’s left-handedness and superior defense felt like ...
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